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Delicious brews warm winter hearts

Our Journey

Here in West Palm Beach, Florida, we realize exactly how lucky we are with this lovely weather.  We tip our hats to the folks in the “frozen north”, as we understand the cold and frost you are experiencing.  As such, we’ve put together a review of a few delicious brews that should help to warm all of your winter hearts in this odd and stormy weather.  We figure it’s the least we can do to make up for the fact that Florida is pretty much reviled by the rest of the country right now due to our excellent weather!

Asylum is part of our delicious brews series!We found a few delicious brews that really rock!

Everyone knows we’re working our tails off as we head towards opening our brewery and wine vault in April in West Palm Beach.  However, even though we’re moving fast towards that opening, we’ve been taking the time to sample some of the industry’s best brews on the market and we have found some that we really want to share with you!  We’ve featured several brews and their respective breweries over the past few weeks.  While doing so, we’ve come up with some pretty great ideas for later this year too.  For now, though, we want to focus on a few of the best craft beers we’ve tried recently.

These delicious brews should really warm up those winter hearts of yours because they certainly warmed ours!  With that said, on to the great craft beer and the breweries where they originated!

Backwoods Bastard, the king of delicious brewsHead for the backwoods for some delicious brews!

Backwoods Bastard is definitely a craft beer that’ll get your blood flowing!  This outstanding bourbon barrel aged brew has a great range of flavor that just gets deeper as it rests and the finish is perfect.  If you’re looking to warm up from the winter cold, this delicious brew is the perfect choice for you.  It pairs really well with seasoned ribeyes and would suit a classic meat and potatoes style meal very well.  Not to mention, the artwork is pretty stunning.  Founders really pulled it off with this beer and we’re glad we tried it!

If you’re wondering about the ABV on this brew, it sits at a reasonable 11.2% which will help to warm you up.  As for the aroma and taste, you’ll be more than happy with the caramel aroma followed by an earthy taste that has hints of vanilla and oak, followed by a lovely bourbon “burn” that will remind you of a warm campfire without the flames.  Well worth the time spent sipping it, this brew is already on our “drink it again” list.

Vamplifier recently made it to our list of delicious brewsPut a little Vamp into your winter with a delicious brew from Magic Hat Brewing Company

If you’re feeling like the heat in your body isn’t quite working right, it’s time to install a bit of a Vamplifier.  This outstanding brew is one that we recently had the joy to taste and wow will it warm you up.  This brew has a very earthy, floral note to the aroma and the flavor is definitely hoppy.  Nearly sticky smooth to a great finish, the brew is certainly worth sipping on a cold day.  A modest 5.2% ABV means you’ll be toasting a couple over the course of the evening without worrying too much about the drive.  We loved the hoppy taste and texture to this beer and look forward to more great brews from Magic Hat Brewing and their innovative staff.

No matter your taste, keep warm this winter with delicious brews

We hope everyone in the north keeps warm this winter and if that means trying some delicious brews, then so be it.  Try out the brews we’ve listed here, or find some local brews of your own to try.  Craft beer is always a good reason to trek out into the chill air because you never know what you’ll find until you get to the taproom!


Jan 25, 2017