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Delicious craft beer: Cascade Brewing

Our Journey

Over at Cascade Brewing Barrel House, they are coming up with some of the most delicious craft beer on the market and we can certainly see how!  Their seasonal brews feature some fruit flavored infusions that have been outstanding and their year-round offerings certainly hold their own against the competition.  In fact, they’ve given us quite a bit of inspiration for our own craft brewery opening coming up in April in West Palm Beach, Florida!

Delicious craft beer on tap is greatFrom traditional to seasonal, it’s all about delicious craft beer

No matter which type of brew you prefer, Cascade Brewing probably has something for you to enjoy.  In fact, we know they do!  Their tap list includes so many brews that we had trouble picking just a couple to try!  Don’t believe us?  Check out their tap list!  If you’re going to visit these guys, we suggest bringing a few growlers with you, because it is hard to resist filling up with their Portland Ale or Dark Day IPA.  Both are ones that we couldn’t resist taking home with us and we wish we could make another trip since we ran out!

As for the quality, we can’t say enough!  The brewmasters at Cascade Brewing really go all-out in their craft.  They have a variety of aging options and their brewing innovations have turned out some amazing brews like their Honey Ginger Lime Northwest sour Ale.  This ale is barrel aged in oak wine barrels and is a testament to why barrel aging is so darn great!  The late addition of ginger, lime, and wildflower honey really kicks off this brew and we loved the layered effects overall.

Barrel aging makes delicious craft beerThese folks show how barrel aging can create delicious craft beer

We’ve mentioned that barrel aging is a big thing at this brewery and we weren’t kidding.  They have at least a dozen wine barrel aged brews and a variety of other barrel aged brews that are the result of aging in bourbon barrels, plain oak, and others.  Their wine barrel aged brews have provided them the chance to really create Vintage craft beers where the year could be all the difference in flavor and finish.  We tried their Vintage 2013 Apricot sour blonde ale and were blown away by the unique flavor and texture of this delicious craft beer.

Another outstanding offering from this brewer is their live barrel taps.  Straight from the barrel, just like in the pubs of old, you can try a few of their featured brews straight out of the creation chamber.  Pretty awesome right?  What better way to show everyone how great barrel aging can be than to offer them a taste right out of the barrel itself!

We expect to see a lot of great offerings coming from Cascade Brewing in the future.  Their dedication to their delicious craft beer is astounding and they’ve definitely mastered the art of barrel aging in a great way.  Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we’re waiting patiently, as they just might hit our “guest beers” list in the future!



Jan 30, 2017