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Delicious craft beer from Left Hand is always right

Our Journey

Left Hand Brewing Company has been popping out some pretty darn delicious craft beer lately.  From their BlackJack Porter to Wicked JuJu, we’ve enjoyed the great variety of brews they are bringing onto the market.  Their brews are not only delicious but seem to have flavor profiles that go on for days.  We love tasting how a brew evolves as it rests, much like wine, so these outstanding craft beers are right up our alley.

Some of our favorite brews have been processed through their fermentation and brite tanks, including BlackJack Porter, Milk Stout, and Wake Up Dead.  Wake Up Dead runs neck and neck on our list with BlackJack Porter, as our resident Portaholic admits to liking both of them.  That’s a stretch for her, so we figure they deserve equal billing.

Left Hand Brewing has some great brewsWake Up Dead with a BlackJack Porter and grab a Milk Stout before you go

Wake Up Dead is an amazing RIS.  Seven malts, two hops, and an armful of flavor profile make this the clear choice if you’re after a great Russian.  We noted hints of raisins and coffee on this one and were hooked, as it would make a perfect pairing for several dishes from Braised Beef Ribs to Pork Spare Ribs.  Something about an all-around RIS just really kicks it off and we’re glad we checked it out.

BlackJack Porter was assessed by our Portaholic, who couldn’t resist the chance to check out what Left Hand was up to.  The result was one Portaholic melted into her tasting chair.  Although that was already enough to tell us it was great, she said there were hints of chocolate oranges to it that caught her off guard.  Once she said that, we just had to try it and ordered our own pints.  It was worth it.  The espresso and dark chocolate in the flavor profile, mixed up with the awesome addition of hops flavors simply complemented each other perfectly.  Check out this porter when you have a chance and you won’t regret it.

Milk Stout was the last brew we decided to check out and just wow.  This stout is black and sweet, with hints of coffee, roasted malt, and the slightest hint of earthy hops.  The creamy texture of the brew was surprising, but we sort of expect suprising from Left Hand, if it’s possible to expect to be surprised.  What really keyed us off with this one was how absolutely sweet it seemed.  Sure, the finish had the slightest of stout bite to it, but the brew was overall quite sweeter than expected.  We plan to grab another 6-pack as soon as we can.

Left Hand is doing a great job

Overall, we love the brews that Left Hand Brewing Company is popping up with.  Their creative take on so many classic brews is refreshing and we expect to see more surprises come from their tanks as the year progresses.  Over here in West Palm Beach, Florida, we’re working hard to get our doors open to the public in April.  Left Hand Brewing Company labels make a great break on a hard day and we’re looking forward to checking out some more of their brews in the coming weeks.



Feb 13, 2017