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Delicious craft beer: Ploughshare Brewing Company

Our Journey

Ploughshare Brewing Company in Lincoln, Nebraska has certainly gained some great reviews about their delicious craft beer!  With hand-crafted brews offered on-site and a rich history, these folks inspire new craft breweries across the U.S. to reach higher and dig deeper.

Delicious craft beer can be found at Ploughshare Brewing CompanyFood, Friends, and delicious craft beer

This brewing company has certainly figured out what it takes to be successful in the craft brewing industry.  From their production facility to their pub-style taproom, they have created something that is meant to last.  While tours and taprooms are certainly the biggest sources of sideline income for any brewery, these guys have taken that extra step to make their customers feel at home.  They do this by hosting community-based events such as their dart tournaments, live bands, and even a Golden Tulip Society based on rewards from their brewery (generally not available from retailers, only the brewery itself).

While all of this may sound like a bunch of noise, it has proven to be a successful venture for Ploughshare and is certainly something for other breweries to take notice of.  I’m sure you’re thinking “This has been done, it’s nothing new, c’mon guys…”.  Let us assure you, while these concepts have “been done”, they clearly need to be done more often!  While many taprooms are focusing on “just the suds”, these guys have shown their community awareness by offering a wide variety of options to patrons including:

  • Wine
  • Gluten-free beer
  • Outstanding food
  • Non-alcohol drinks
  • French-pressed coffee
  • Old-time sodas
  • Sparkling water
  • Glassware and Wearables

In addition to their outstanding taproom offerings, they offer tours of the brewery, group specials for food and drink pairings (and their food is great!), and a wide variety of events.  While this may all seem a bit “old hat” to some, for many of us it is a great inspiration as we grow and expand, or even in the planning phases!

Our own Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault will be opening in early 2017 and we’re certainly taking notice of successful craft breweries like this one because a successful start means more opportunities to pair up with our community!  If you’re passing through Lincoln, check these guys out, because hey, great food, delicious craft beer, and perhaps an afternoon of darts sound good to us!


Dec 28, 2016