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Delicious wines to delight your senses

Our Journey

We love wine almost as much as we love great craft beer.  That is part of the reason we chose to incorporate a wine tasting room into our brewery here in West Palm Beach.  We want to bring the love of great, premium quality wines to the West Palm Beach scene and we’ve taken a lot of steps to do exactly that!

Exclusive Napa wines and great quality

One of the steps we took was to enter into an exclusive contract with Pankauski Wine Cellars.  This has allowed us the opportunity to bring some of the best wines in Napa to South Florida and we’re really proud of it.  Whether we’re showcasing our Dad’s Blend or offering up one of the amazing Drum Canyon vintages we possess, we absolutely love sharing our love of fine wine with the community.

We’ve even gone so far as to check out the blocks that these wines are produced from!  Ok, so perhaps a visit to California isn’t such a hardship, but the dedication to providing our patrons with delightful premium wines is certainly a bonus.  We enjoy that far more than we enjoy the lovely scenery, beautiful vineyards, and outstanding people we get to meet.  Well, perhaps they are about even, but the wines we get to offer make it a bonus for you!

Stop in and see what we have to offer

Whether you are in West Palm Beach for business or pleasure, you should stop by our Evernia Street location and try some of the delicious wines we have in The Vault.  While you are here, be sure to ask about our Wine Club, which offers some exclusive benefits you’ll really enjoy.  We look forward to seeing you and hope you have a safe and enjoyable journey!  Until then, happy tasting!


Mar 14, 2018