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Why is dessert beer being frowned on?

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We all have a favorite brew in the craft beer world.  That one brew that is the perfect end to any bad day, good day, or even indifferent day.  I tend to call these brews the “dessert” brews myself, as they are that treat we allow ourselves after a long day of trying to be responsible and successful adults.  However, the majority of the craft beer community has been on the topic of another kind of dessert beer and some folks are frowning quite fiercely.

Dessert beers are not a bad thingWhy on earth do people frown over dessert beer?

Ok, we understand, dessert beer seems a bit kitschy to many who have gained a true appreciation and love for the many classic craft beers available in the world.  However, the craft brewing industry was created by innovators.  Men and women who, when they saw an opportunity to create something great, did so and with quite a lot of talent.  While it may not have been “normal” to find many fruit-infused brews a few hundred years ago, or even a few thousand, that is largely due to the fact that there were already plenty of alternatives.  Mead, wine, and many other lovely drinks were being crafted and people turned to those for the change of pace they needed.

However, does this mean that we should refuse to accept new things in our craft brewing world?  Indeed it does not.  With old and new craft breweries discovering a wealth of options from kiwi, strawberry, lime, and even the classics like orange and lemon, we’re seeing a great surge of dessert beers that are not only aromatic but quite refreshing as well!

What dessert beer labels have you tried?

Most recently we decided to see what Small Town Brewery had to offer.  Their brew, Not Your Mom’s Apple Pie turned out to be quite an interesting brew with more aroma and flavor than we expected.  Not to mention that 5.5% ABV was very well hidden within the brew and we had no choice but to mention it.  We certainly don’t want our readers caught off guard by a brew and finding themselves involved in unexpected shenanigans, right?

Another recent tasting was done with Funky Buddha’s Neopolitan Porter, which has been labeled as a dessert beer by some (though we truly do not know why).  That brew was absolutely stunning and we can’t wait to try some more great inventions from the Buddha.  Those folks are well-known for their inventive brews and we’re excited to see what the rest of the year brings forth from that bastion of delicious craft beer.

If it’s a great example of a dessert beer, let it live!

The craft brewing industry needs innovative ideas.  This includes dessert beers, fruity beers, field inspired brews, and much more.  Without creativity present, the industry is not going to remain the solid rock of inspiration that it has been and we don’t want our industry to flounder.  Right now the industry is making big name brewers take enough notice to try to buy out the smaller craft breweries and that is huge news.  It means we’re making an impact, changing the standard, and gaining some serious popularity.  Let’s keep it up and move forward, even if that means those dessert beers gain some fans.

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we love to see our fellow brewers trying new things, so if it’s a great example of dessert beers, let it live, let it shine, and just enjoy the increased variety on offer.  From all of us here in South Florida, happy tasting!


Jun 14, 2017