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Are dessert beers gaining a following?

Our Journey

I know we’ve all had this thought a time or two.  We’ve popped into a taproom, ordered a flight, and there was at least one beer on that flight that made us wonder if we should label it as one of the dessert beers.  With new ideas being tossed around every brewery in the country, and many of them involving different spices and flavors, it’s natural that we would run into a few of the resulting brews in our journey to taste all the brews we can.

What exactly qualifies different brews to be dessert beers?

This question is not new, nor do we have a definitive answer.  However, we do suppose you could put together a pretty easy list of the qualifying points that make a dessert beer a real thing.  For starters, there are the ingredients, which in turn, affect the flavor.  Also, there are the many options for aging the beer.  These include, but are not limited to, metal cask aging, bourbon barrel aging, and various wine barrels that can be used for aging.  Each type of aging will affect the flavor, texture, and bite of the beer.  Finally, we have the add-ons which include spices, malt, and any fruit or herbs that are to be used.  These strongly affect flavor and texture and tend to be the most defining features of a dessert beer in our view.

chocolate sugar spices dessert beersHow do the added ingredients define whether a brew is one of the dessert beers?

Most people define a dessert beer as one that involves chocolate, fruit, cream, common holiday spices such as cinnamon, or any other flavoring that creates a sweet beer.  While this may not be the feature that defines such a brew for you, it is the most common example given throughout the brewing industry and its enthusiasts.  Some enthusiasts even consider wine barrel aged brews to be dessert beers.

There are a wide variety of new craft beers on the market today with delicious flavors such as raspberry, chocolate malt, cream or milk, and even cinnamon!  One of these tasty dessert beers is the Chocolate Stout made by Harpoon Brewery.  These beers are just as tasty as traditional brews, but as with any beer, they are not always perfect for everyone.  Even we would classify some of these beers as dessert style beers.  Choosing appropriate meals to complement these sweet brews is sometimes difficult but no more so than any other brew on the market today.

We enjoy trying all of the new beer on the market.  We also love to support our local breweries in any way we can, as we hope they would do for us when we open in April of this year in West Palm Beach.  As such, we’re more than happy to feature these dessert style brews and help you to learn about new craft beers that are available.

Branding, creativity, and innovation lead to new and interesting brews

All new craft breweries desire to create a brand that they can claim as their own unique creation.  This is why we expect to see many zany and interesting brews come up on the market over the years and can’t wait to try every one of them!  Curious about what your local brewery is up to this season?  Take a tour and find out!  You just might find a dessert style beer in their taproom for you to try and we hope you enjoy every sip.


Jan 11, 2017