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Devil’s Canyon Brewing is great

Our Journey

California is well-known as wine country.  With several areas covered in luscious vineyards that have amazing views, most wouldn’t think of a craft brewery being in the area.  However, they would be wrong.  Several craft breweries have popped up all over the United States, including in states where we previously would have thought only of one thing.  California breweries like Devil’s Canyon Brewing are quickly gaining attention, as they are showing the same dedication to quality and craft that the well-known vineyards have spent decades showing already.  We’re quite happy to see them appearing, too, because that simply means we have an even more diverse palate of brews to choose from within our craft brewing industry!

Devil’s Canyon Brewing, themselves, have shown a serious amount of quality in their brews, which we have had the absolute pleasure of tasting ourselves here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault.  At the left is their brew, California Sunshine Rye IPA, which we featured a while ago.  The happy sun on the label drew us in and the brew was an absolutely delicious change from our recent double IPA spree we had been on.

Devil’s Canyon did a great job with this rye beer, which is becoming a more popular type as breweries pick up the rye and set down the wheat and barley for a change of pace.  Rye beer was a far more rare find a few years ago due to the cost of creating the brews being higher, but lately it seems that breweries are really branching out and seeking new ideas, which is refreshing.

However, that is not the only great brew they offer.  There are a variety of brews in several different styles for you to choose from and all of them pair up really with well different meals, which is an added bonus.  Check out some of the great craft beer they offer below, as well as the meals they pair well with.  We love food and we love craft beer, so this was quite a fun adventure for us as we discussed brews and eats with the staff of Devil’s Canyon and figured out how to “pair up” these creative and interesting brews.

  • California Sunshine Rye IPA – This brew is great with meals like fish, oysters, scallops, and a variety of other seafood.  The meal and brew draw out the flavor in each other and really pop.
  • Full Boar Scotch Ale – If you’re bringing some really hearty meats to the table, this is the brew to grab for the evening.  Great with steaks, stews, roast pork, and even desserts like mousse, the brew cuts the heaviness of the food while bringing out some of the more subtle flavors of the foods.
  • Deadicated Amber Ale – We’ve paired this brew with a hearty lasagna, a juicy ribeye, and even barbecued chicken and all of them paired up really nicely.  The brew is crisp and fresh enough to really complement the meals, whether they are more robust or a bit on the lighter side.
  • Belle Bière Brut – Filet Mignon was the best pick for this brew, as the fruity notes really struck a chord with the meat.  While some may argue that such a pairing is not ideal, we found it to be perfect, especially with the season changing so much.  Why not try it now before the heat really starts to sizzle?

Each of these brews has its own unique spark, which is really nice to see.  Craft breweries all over the United States are finding more interesting brews to create with a twist to each one that really pops and we’re happy to know that.  So much creativity flowing means a lot of delicious craft beer being brought to the table and the entire craft beer community is cheering!

We hope you take the time to check out Devil’s Canyon Brewing and all of the great craft beer they offer.  Be sure to stop back in and leave us a comment about what you thought of their brews, as well as mentioning any other brews you’ve had from them that were really great.  We’d love to hear from you!


Apr 25, 2017