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Do you have a Stout taste?

Our Journey

The craft beer enthusiast community is quite broad where taste is concerned.  While some prefer a super hopped up IPA or double IPA, others prefer a more Stout style for their brews.  No matter what style of Stout they prefer, one thing is certain and that is that they will hunt down their favorite brews whenever they have the chance.  We can understand this desire, as it is quite normal no matter what style you may prefer.  There is something to be said for that moment when you finally find a really great brew that you have been hunting all over for.

Those who enjoy a great Stout craft beer often want more than one bottle though, as these brews are often better after being aged in the bottle, making them a collectible delight for enthusiasts.  Much like a great porter or barleywine, these brews are often purchased in packs so that their new owners can age them and see how they change over time.  However, this makes us wonder what some of the more popular Stout craft beers they are on the market today and what they are like.

What are some of the great Stouts on the market?

We have put together a modest list of the Stout craft beers we have come across in our travels that really caught our attention.  These brews feature outstanding quality, amazing flavor, and aromas that are simply divine.  We suggest purchasing more than one bottle, as you’re sure to want to age one or two bottles to taste later so you can enjoy the way the brew evolves over time with bottle aging.

Squatters Beer CompanyOuter Darkness RIS

If you’ve never tasted a Russian Imperial Stout, then it is high time you did.  Outer Darkness comes from the great folks at Squatters, where they really take a serious interest in their brewing, even though it seems like they are simply having fun.  Keep your eye on this brew, because that 10.5% ABV is going to sneak up on you if you are not careful!  However, the intensely rich flavors and aromas of the brew will make it impossible to resist, so sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

Deschutes BreweryObsidian Stout

Blacker than black and delicious to the very end, this brew comes from the outstanding brewery of Deschutes.  They are already well-known for their Black Butte Porter, American Wheat, and The Abyss, so it’s no surprise that they have an amazing Stout in their portfolio as well.  With a modest ABV of 6.4% and just 55 IBUs, this brew offers a great range of flavors including espresso, chocolate, and roasted malt.  Blended with a judicious amount of hops to create a well-balanced brew that is great from the first sip to the last, Obsidian Stout is a favorite among Stout lovers.

3Floyds Brewing – Barrel Aged Dark Lord de Morte

You’re going to fall in love with this sinfully outstanding masterpiece from 3Floyds.  If the artwork on their labels weren’t enough, this brew is also barrel aged in bourbon barrels with a copious infusion of ancho and guajillo peppers!  This delicious Russian Imperial Stout features the aromas and flavors you would expect of an RIS, however, it holds a quality that is well above the norm.  The 15% ABV means you’ll either be taking a cab home or sipping it slowly, which is, by the way, the way a Stout is meant to be enjoyed.

Tell us about the brews you love!

No matter which stout is your favorite, be sure to leave us a comment and tell us about it, as well as whether you’ve tried any of the brews we have listed here.  We’d love to hear from you, as it gives us a much-needed break from our work while we push towards our opening later this year in South Florida here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault.  We can’t wait to see all of you and look forward to hearing about the brews you love!  In the meantime, happy tasting!




Jun 17, 2017