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Do you like barrel aged craft beer?

Our Journey

Craft beer like Dogfish Head's Red and White is great!Here’s why you may want to consider trying a craft beer that was aged in a wine barrel or cask.

Everyone seems to know that many Imperial Stouts are aged in bourbon barrels.  In fact, I have written about bourbon barrel-aged craft beers before.  Sometimes you get a “Scotch” burn and sometimes you get sweet oak.  This type of craft beer is interesting, to say the least.

So, you have probably heard about blonde ales aged in Chardonnay barrels and casks or brown ales aged in red wine barrels.  The barrel aging is definitely not a trend in the world of craft breweries.  Barrel aging craft beer is here to stay.

I’ve written, many times before, that the craft beer industry is going through a development phase.  The winemaking world went through this same process in California in the 70’s and 80’s with great success.

Look for more craft wineries and tap rooms to offer barrel aged beers.  Yes, you’ll enjoy a beer that is nestled gently in Chardonnay barrels, probably a used American or French Oak barrel.  And don’t forget Cabernet Sauvignon barrels that are used to age the brown ales or even darker beers.  These craft beers are outstanding and deserve some credit too.

At the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault, we are in negotiations to rent over 3,000 square feet of temperature and humidity controlled storage space in the Warehouse District to house our barrels to age craft beer and wine.

We will offer craft beer by vintage, in very limited quantities. So, the 2017 Lithuanian Imperial Stout may not be available until 2018.   Or, the Blonde Ale aged in French Oak casks from Napa Chardonnay may not be available until late 2017.

Until then, try Dogfish Head Brewery and their “Red and White” because we’re sure you will enjoy the flavor and texture of this brew.


Dec 31, 2016