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Do you like craft beer aged in rum barrels?

Our Journey

hammer-the-beastSo, we all know that some blonde ales may be aged in chardonnay, or white wine barrels, right? And, you can get the “Scotch” or “bourbon” “burn” from, for example, a Russian Imperial Stout which is aged in bourbon barrels.

But do craft beer lovers enjoy beer that has been aged in rum barrels?

Well, check out Ipswich Ale’s Clown Shoes series of beers which are now available, limitedly, in Florida. http://www.ipswichalebrewery.com/

The Clown Shoes Hammer of the Beast has been described as an American strong ale which is an imperial stout and barleywine ale aged in rum barrels.  https://www.clownshoesbeer.com/

For those of you craft beer lovers who like a twist, or a little kick, try this rum barrel aged beer. 


Dec 14, 2016