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Do you like Spanish Reds?

Our Journey

When it comes to wine and sunsets, there is nothing like a great glass of wine to end the day.  That is especially true when it is a Spanish red wine.  Spanish reds have a flavor and aroma that really excites the palate and we would like to share a few of our favorites with you.  We’ve spent plenty of time lately traveling and discovering the many outstanding wines of the United States, as well as trying wines from outside the country.  However, the best Spanish red wine we have tasted so far is Gine-Gine from Spain.

Gine-Gine is one of the most outstanding Spanish reds we've ever tasted!Gine-Gine is an excellent vintage for you to try.  As you can see from the picture, we’ve already tried it and it’s amazing.  Produced by Buil & Gine in Catalonia, Spain, this lovely red wine is a delightfully complex varietal wine.  If you are looking to learn what Priorat has to offer, this is the go-to wine.  Pairing this wine with meals is amazingly easy, as it seems to complement everything, even fish!  We were surprised at how luscious this dry red wine tastes, though we realize this winery has an outstanding reputation for producing great premium wines.

This winery really knows how to properly match their varietals to the right soil and this is no exception with Gine-Gine.  The grapes have a great flavor while retaining that “fresh” taste even in fully ripened glory.  The resulting wine is aromatic, flavorful, and has a lovely texture that is well suited to room temperature toasts.

This region of Spain is perfect for growing the varietals that the winery has chosen.  Their Gine-Gine is one of the most outstanding Spanish reds and we plan to try a few more of their vintages as soon as we can.  We’ve heard great things about the Ginérosat as well.  We are betting that this trend in excellence has a lot to do with their dedication to their craft.  This dedication and drive shows through in all of their endeavors, including their four-star accommodations, the many vineyards they manage, and their lovely restaurant.

You are even able to take tours of the winery itself.  The experience is certainly worth it, as you will learn about the area, the different vineyards, and their production process as well.  There are a variety of activities to choose from that are not only educational but also very entertaining.  Tours can be arranged for 10 or more people and are followed by a quiz-style game in which everyone wins something extra.

If you prefer a wine tasting course, they offer those too!  The tasting course is led by a professional and there is a small tour of the facility and grounds including in the two-hour course.  Overall, this winery has proven to be very driven towards education, the arts, and producing outstanding premium Spanish reds.  We can’t wait to try another vintage and we hope you get a chance to try those we’ve mentioned here!



Feb 4, 2017