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Do you love Chocolate beer?

Our Journey

Chocolate seems to be a popular flavor in the past few years.  Whether it’s a brew whose flavor has nuances of cocoa and honey or a super malty chocolate stout, it seems that people are flocking to these craft beers like they are the water in the desert.  We were curious as to why these brews are holding strong with their popularity, so we started asking around about exactly what people love about chocolate beer.

Pairing food with chocolate beer is great!Pairing food with chocolate beer is great

Apparently, people really love chocolate beer because it is easy to pair with food.  We have to agree here because we love pairing these brews with rich dishes like pasta or heavy meats.  They complement each other perfectly and the entire dish seems like dinner and dessert all in one when paired with a great chocolate beer.  This works well for desserts themselves as well, though for some this type of pairing may be a bit too much on the sweet side of things.

Pairing a great chocolate beer with grilled asparagus, loaded baked potato, and a thick cut butterfly pork chop can make a hearty and rich meal that matches perfectly with the malty sweet brew.  Other great ideas include meals such as veal parmesan, which, when paired with a chocolate stout, offer to draw out the flavor of each other in a very complementary manner.

Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout is an amazing chocolate beerChocolate beer is a natural draw for dessert

While we don’t want to classify these types of brews as dessert beers, it really is hard not to.  After all, nothing seems to taste better than a chocolate stout after a great meal.  Somehow, these brews manage to replace traditional desserts quite easily.  Add this to the fact that everyone can sit around, discuss the craft beer they are drinking, and the meal they ate, and it is easy to see why these are so popular.

The fact that any one type of beer can bring people together after a meal is pretty darn great.  They taste amazing, so there is no reason to say no to one of these outstanding brews unless you don’t care for chocolate.  If that is the case, there are plenty of other options out there ranging from strawberry ale to oatmeal stouts that have very little cocoa hints to them.

Chocolate beer appeals to a range of peopleChocolate beer helps to bring the everyone together

When it comes down to it, the best draw of chocolate beer is the fact that we get to bring more people together.  Communities are comprised of a lot of different types of people and sometimes we need a common ground.  Whether you’re a foodie, chocoholic, craft beer enthusiast, or the zany guy next door that just loves trying something new, these brews help to bring everyone together and get a discussion going.

The entire point of craft brewing is to be interesting and creative.  If we can do that and help our community to come together, why not create a few chocolate beers for everyone to enjoy.  If nothing else, it gives us an excuse to have a great beer, eat some outstanding food, and maybe even sit down and talk to each other face-to-face in this internet age.  We hope to see all of you practicing this adventurous behavior long into the future, one great craft beer at a time.


Feb 3, 2017