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Do you prefer craft beer on tap or by the bottle?

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We all love craft beer.  That is obvious, or we would not be here writing and reading about the many great craft beer options available today.  However, do you prefer your craft beer on tap or by the bottle?  While some might love bottle aging their brews for another week, there are plenty who really prefer that fresh, on tap flavor that kicks them in the taste buds.

How many craft breweries offer craft beer on tap?

There are a wealth of breweries that feature amazing taprooms for you to try their brews.  From basic bare-bones taprooms to gorgeous setups that have glass walled sections to show their operations, you can find some pretty awesome taprooms all over the United States.  After all, what is the best way to find out if the new brew you’ve created is going to be popular?  A taproom of course!

Breweries that offer taprooms for their patrons are quite common now and we love that.  This means we get to sit and discuss the great brews we are tasting with other craft beer enthusiasts, as well as with the staff and possibly the brew master themself.  Brew masters have shown a penchant for discussing their brews, ideas, and the entire brewing process with patrons in order to spread knowledge and share their love of the craft.

Of the 4,000+ craft breweries currently in the United States, about half to three quarters of them, if not more, have taprooms.  As we said, the style of the taproom definitely varies.  Some taprooms are simply a warehouse space designated as a taproom where you can bring your own food to enjoy with the brews you try.  Others are heavily detailed masterpieces that showcase the desire of the local patrons, be it a club-style or sports-style, but they all focus on one main thing, craft beer.

Why do people like craft beer by the bottle instead of craft beer on tap?

Some enthusiasts simply prefer a wider variety to their brews.  These folks are happy to buy a four-pack, six-pack, or growler and try one when they get home, followed by another a week later, etc. in order to see how the brew changes as it ages.  This is actually a pretty cool practice, as even we love to see how different brews evolve as they age in the bottle.  Some brews get better with aging, while some mellow out in ways we didn’t really want.  No matter what, they still taste awesome, which is one of the advantages of craft brewing.

While that twelve-pack of Bud Lite might go stale over time, most craft beer simply evolves.  This results in slightly less bitter stouts and IPAs that are much like Monarchs in their nature, evolving into something new and equally great over time.  It is interesting to try aging brews in the bottle, as the differences are sometimes very significant between the bottle consumed right away and the one aged four weeks!

Craft beer on tap or by the bottle, each one is delicious anyway

No matter your preference, craft beer is popular across the United States and its popularity is growing every year.  Brew masters are popping up with dozens of new brews each year in the attempt to meet the rapidly growing demand and new craft breweries are opening up all over as well to help.  In West Palm Beach, Florida, new craft breweries will be opening this year to meet the demand in that area, while other areas are looking at expansions and growth as well.

We look forward to seeing what this year has to offer in the craft brewing industry and hope to see you at our opening in West Palm Beach later this year as well!  Until then, remember to check back regularly for features on different craft breweries, as well as some of the outstanding vineyards we have here in the United States!


Mar 10, 2017