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Dogfish is making great brews!

Our Journey

Dogfish Head Brewing is pretty well-known for the variety of amazing brews they have on the market today, as well as the fact that those brews have a variance of flavor and aroma that is out of this world.  With this in mind, we’ve decided to revisit DFH and once again feature a couple of the outstanding brews their offering.  These brews could be available on tap, or possibly on the shelves.  Either way, if it comes from DFH, you know it’s probably going to be great.

What are a couple of the great brews they offer?

Dogfish Head has a long line of great brews in their portfolio.  Brews like Indian Brown have been turning heads for quite a while now.  Having started out with a truly tiny brewing system, they had a limited amount of options, which led to boredom and thus the many unusual and interesting brews they’ve come up with over the years.  For example, have you had the chance to check out their Chicory Stout?  If not, you’re certainly missing out.

Namaste White is another great brew from Dogfish Head Brewery that really pops.  The great part is that this brew has an ABV of merely 4.8%, keeping it within the sessionable range, though at the top end of it.  This brew was a dedication to 3 Fontenien Brewery who had a terrible production loss and a great tribute it is indeed.

Alternate Takes #5 is probably one of the best brews that DFH has available at this time.  A lovely barrel-aged blend of both Raspberry and Blueberry Sour, the brew features an ABV of 8%, barrel-aged deliciousness, and aromas for days.  We really enjoy the interesting twists DFH manages to put on their brews, as they’ve become one of the United States premier craft breweries in our book.

What DFH brews have you tried?

Tell us about the DFH brews you’ve had the chance to try during your craft brewing travels.  We love to hear from our readers and your comment will likely spark a future post!  In the meantime, from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


Jun 23, 2017