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Drink responsibly, the most misunderstood phrase

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We’ve all heard the commercial tagline “Drink Responsibly”.  Likely we’ve heard it enough that we drown it out, taking it to mean “Don’t drink and drive” and other such meanings.  However, how often do we really think about what that phrase was originally meant to entail?  Do we think beyond the obvious to those parts of that phrase that really hit home?

What does it really mean to drink responsibly?

When we hear that famous phrase, we naturally equate it with the old lines about drinking and driving, or not ending up in jail, etc.  However, what this phrase really means is much deeper.  Our responsibilities lie much deeper than our vehicle, freedom from jail, or even our talent for avoiding bar fights.  As craft beer (or any alcohol for that matter) enthusiasts, we have a responsibility to ourselves and those we love to moderate our drinking in any way necessary when it comes to health, hearth, and family.

For example, if we find ourselves becoming upset when we don’t have extra money for beer, we are no longer drinking responsibly.  If we lie, cheat, or steal to drink, we are no longer responsible.  And if we ever, even once, become upset over NOT drinking, we’re no longer being responsible.

How exactly does one drink responsibly?Communities should care about each other and learn what it means to drink responsibly

You’re probably saying “Wait, you guys make beer.  Why do you care?”.  The answer to this is simple.  We too enjoy craft beer and wine.  We enjoy the time spent checking out new brews with good friends.  However, we realize that this activity has to come after all others and we would never want to see a customer put themselves in a bad situation just to check out the latest brew.

Alcoholism has many levels and many faces.  While the most obvious are violent, depressed, or verbally aggressive behavior, there are many more subtle hints that a problem may exist.  Missed payments, having to walk because you’d rather spend the money on alcohol than fuel for your car, and lack of eating are also signs that a problem may have begun and they are ones we need to look more seriously at when we see them.  It should never have to come to the worst for a solution to be found.

If you take a look at yourself and see that you may be exhibiting these behaviors, even if it’s subtle, you need to consider a change.  We’re not saying rehab is necessary, nor do we think there is one solution for every person.  However, we do believe that we want a community that can enjoy time together and help each other, to be responsible in their enjoyment of the many new craft breweries available out there without worrying about bills, fuel, food, or worse.

Be safe, Drink responsibly, and have a Happy Holiday Season

This holiday season, remember this, drinking responsibly is more than getting home without a ticket or a night in jail.  It’s far more than not fighting with a loved one.  It is a conscious choice to put life before brews and to be a responsible member of the community and your family.  Be safe out there friends and stay responsible.  From all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault, due to open in 2017, we wish everyone a safe and responsible life.


Dec 28, 2016