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Eel River Organic Porter is great!

Our Journey

A while back we featured Eel River Brewing Company, where they are producing some outstanding craft beers that we feel everyone should have a chance to try.  With so many new craft breweries popping up all over the United States, it was really great finding one in California that featured quality brews at a reasonable cost.  Today we’re looking into their delicious porter, which has us smiling from ear to ear.

An Organic Porter that will make your taste buds sizzle

When it comes to Organic Craft Beer, we’ve tried quite a few, and have found that there are some breweries out there doing an amazing job producing truly Organic brews that taste great, at a very nice value.  Eel River is no exception to that rule and their Organic Porter is top-notch.  They describe the brew as resembling the redwood forests and we honestly must agree.  It is dark, lovely, and rich and we’re looking forward to purchasing more as soon as we can.

At just 5.8% ABV, this is a porter you can enjoy all night with friends while discussing the different craft beers you have all had the chance to taste.  We recommend grabbing either a six-pack of bottles to share or grab yourself a 22 oz. bottle and hoard it away for one of those “All Mine” nights.  Either way, you’re going to love the taste and aroma of this delicious porter.  The folks at BeerAdvocate give this brew and overall rating of 81, which is pretty darn good for a brew on their books and we give it about an 85 overall ourselves.

Grab a tour while you’re there and check out Eel River Brewing

If you get a chance to visit Eel River Brewing, make sure to take a tour (call in advance to set it up).  The staff is friendly and informative and they have a pub in nearby Fortuna, California where you can taste all of their great craft beer on tap.  In addition, the pub features some outstanding food that pairs really well with their brews, so don’t hesitate to see what pairing you like the best.

Be sure to pop back here and leave us a comment about what you think of Eel River’s outstanding craft brews.  We love to hear from our readers and your comment just might spark our next feature post.  In the meantime, we’re signing off to get back to work at our own location in West Palm Beach, Florida, where we’re working hard to get ready for our opening later this year.  Happy Brewing!


Apr 22, 2017