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End the day with great craft beer

Our Journey

Ending the day with a great craft beer is something every craft beer enthusiast likes to do.  Ok, perhaps not every single one, but the majority of us would not turn down an outstanding craft beer while watching a sunset.  Or perhaps a football game.  Or that female volleyball team over there on the beach… just wow.  Those girls are tough.

Back to the beer though (should we offer them one?) and why we really love it.  Craft beer is something that offers enthusiasts and brewmasters alike the chance to really enjoy something as a community.  Let’s not forget that we get to try out some pretty off-the-wall ideas while crafting the tasty brews too!

What is so wonderful about great craft beer?

The essence of the craft brewing industry is freedom.  While we do have standards to adhere to, and we have a standard for the ingredients we use, we have freedom.  Freedom to create some interesting blends that may not have been attempted before.  Freedom to age our brews in some interesting ways (rum barrel aging anyone?) that add a whole new level of flavor to them.  Most of all, we have the freedom to make others happy.  Yes, we said it, we do it to make other people happy.  This is a tough concept in today’s world, we know, but the craft beer community is huge and we want a smile on every single face.

With so many outstanding craft breweries in the world and several more coming open this year (our’s will open in April in West Palm Beach), it’s hard to imagine ending a good day without a great brew.  The very farmers from whom we source our ingredients already know how refreshing it is to finish up the day and pop a tasty beer.  They take their time and enjoy the aroma, the depth of flavor, and the texture of the beer instead of rushing through like a frat house power drinker.  We would do well to learn a bit from those farmers who take their time and appreciate the beer they hold.

Heresy is a great craft beer for ending the dayWhat is there to learn from being slow at the end of the day?

Although some people associate the end of the day with fatigue, stress, or planning the next day, a few folks use this time to sit back and reflect.  They have a seat, open a brew, and discuss the world around them while the sun rides lower on the horizon.  Great craft beer seems to bring out deeper thoughts, a slower frame of mind, and interesting discussions.  Perhaps this is because we savor the taste a bit longer, making our brew last more than the mere minutes of the lesser beers on the market.

However, it’s in this slow time, when we’re really thinking and talking to those around us, that we have the chance to learn.  We seem to take in people’s words a bit more clearly, rather than skimming over them while waiting for our turn to speak.  That is something society has turned into that the craft beer community seems to be turning away from.  Learning, creating, and comradery take over and we always seem to come away from the evening feeling a bit smarter.

You could say that the ABV has something to do with that, but we argue that the time spent listening is the key.  So, at the end of the day, grab a great craft beer and have a seat.  Chat with your neighbors, family, and friends.  Really listen to what they are saying while you enjoy the flavor and quality of that brew.  If you don’t come away from it feeling a bit closer to them and a bit smarter, try again and listen deeper.  We guarantee you’ll find out what we already know.  That ending the day with a great craft beer and some awesome people can make all the difference the world needs.



Jan 17, 2017