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An Erie day for an IPA on Misery Bay

Our Journey

Erie Brewing Company is known for having some pretty outstanding craft beer.  That fact has brought them plenty of popularity over the years and we really don’t see that trend stopping, considering some of the amazing brews they’ve put out over time.  When it comes to quality and dedication, they certainly have both in spades and it shows in every brew they make.  That very fact is made even more apparent in their Misery Bay IPA, which we recently had the chance to try.

Misery Bay IPA from Erie Brewing CompanyNow, the reviews on this brew are pretty variable, so when we looked it up we realized we’d just have to try it to make our own decision.  Don’t believe use?  Check out the reviews at BeerAdvocate as opposed to those at RateBeer.  The overall rating between the two masters is pretty widely spread, so we decided it all comes down to personal preference (as always) and we took a dive into the Bay, then another because we found out that Bay tastes pretty darn great!

To the left, you can see a picture of the brew that we took.  As you can see, the color is a lovely golden with some laced foam that was leftover.  Sure, we didn’t grab a picture before we tried it, but it smelled so great we kind of forgot.  Sorry guys, maybe next time?  If we remember, which depends on the brew!  The aroma of this brew was what caught us right away.  The citrus notes really tease you into tasting the brew, which is precisely what we did, as soon as we could, sans picture.

By the way, there was pairing involved in this tasting, which consisted of grilled chicken sandwiches with pepper jack cheese.  The combination was awesome!  The brew has a bit of a malty profile that is blended really well with the epic hops flavors that come dashing through, so the pairing was perfect with the pepper jack and really brought it all together.  We were all pleasantly surprised, as we weren’t out to intentionally try to pair the brew with anything.  We’re glad it worked out the way it did, as the meal brought out flavor hints in the brew we may not have noticed otherwise, and vice versa.

Overall, we found that the malt bill on this brew was a great combination when blended with the hops flavors.  Somehow neither one overpowered the other at all, which is always a really nice find in a brew.  In the end, we’re glad we took a dive into that Bay because if we’d simply gone on the super-varied reviews on this brew, we’d have missed out on an outstanding experience.

Leave us a comment about any of the great Erie brews you’ve come across, or let us know what you think about Misery Bay IPA.  We love to hear from our readers and your comment might lead to our next feature post!




Apr 18, 2017