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Erie is brewing up excellence

Our Journey

Erie Brewing Company is brewing up excellenceErie Brewing Company is brewing up excellence and we’ve recently tried a few of their outstanding craft brews.  The quality these folks are putting out in their craft beer is pretty darn awesome and we decided they really deserve a feature in the blog.  After all, why not share what we’ve found with others?

Sharing our impressions of Erie Brewing Company, whose brew master is brewing up excellence, one brew at a time

We love being a part of the craft brewing community and we’re excited to let you know about Erie Brewing Company in Erie, Pennsylvania.  These folks offer a variety of brews that really hit the right notes, as well as some pretty cool merchandise and they are brewing up excellence!  We had the chance to check them out and their brews are great.  We’ve listed a few brews below that we think are absolutely worth either shipping or a road trip.

Misery Bay IPA is a great IPA to start with if you visit Erie Brewing Company.  They have pints available in the tasting room, as well as everything up to a keg available otherwise.  We would certainly consider a keg if we were having a large guest event later this year after our own opening in West Palm Beach.  The color of this brew is luscious and the aroma and flavor profiles are perfect.

Erie Brewing Company's Misery Bay IPA is a great craft brew that shows they are brewing up excellence!The head on the brew, as you can see from the picture we’ve included, is phenomenal.  The color of the brew is a lovely amber that reminds us of Cat’s Eye gems, a pretty great feat to pull off in a craft beer.  The aroma and flavor profile were very interesting and the brew evolves quite well in the glass.  It was worth the time we took sipping this brew, as it seemed to change just a little bit with each taste.

The artwork on the brew was pretty cool as well.  We love seeing breweries that get into their label art.  Although some of their labels are pretty toned down, there are a few that are really popping and catch your eye just as fast as the brew inside catches your taste buds.  For example, check out Final Destination when you get the chance.  The label art on the brew is interesting enough to make the bottle a collector, if you’re into collecting (which our resident Portaholic happens to be) and you never know, it could turn into a very interesting conversation starter.

The IPAs that Erie is producing are all great.  We tasted each one of their offerings and were impressed with their overall quality and dedication to their craft beer.  We hope to make another trip in the future to see what they come up with next, because the brews we tasted speak volumes about their brew master, who also happens to be pretty darn cool.  Check back in the future and see who we feature next, because we’re far from being done with our journey to find awesome craft beer and the brew masters that really show that they are brewing up excellence.


Mar 13, 2017