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Ethereal Brewing is an Outstanding Craft Brewery

Our Journey

Ethereal Brewing is a hand-crafted microbrewery whose brews are appreciated for their sense of taste, smoothness, and superiority. The brewery focuses largely on classic American and Franco-Belgian beer styles, which they excel at creating. Located in the absolutely lovely state of Kentucky, this is a great stop for your next road trip, perhaps while you’re headed to Florida this fall!

Offering great craft beer and spreading the love

Ethereal Brewing offers an awesome variety of delicious American craft and Belgian farmhouse beers in a fun and relaxing setting. We absolutely love their offerings, which feature great taste, great quality, and outstanding service from their knowledgeable and fun staff. But really, who wouldn’t love a DIPA termed “Hop-Shaka-Laka”?. Or a staff that has a sense of humor and really know how to keep customers smiling?

Their offerings also include their flagship brews; an IPA, a Saison and a Wit which are the staple beers people expect when they walk into the tap room. The key is that they are always creating new and innovative brews to go along with their core craft beers, keeping their patrons guessing as to what will be on tap. This is essential to a successful brewery, as the craft brewing community adores innovation and quality, both of which these folks have in spades.

Quality has no price tag

Ethereal Brewing is very passionate about brewing quality, and for that reason, they spare no cost on ingredients throughout the process. They’ve become a heavily popular craft brewery in the region and have been responsible for quite a bit of craft beer promotion in Kentucky overall. This makes them winners in our book, as we love to see a craft brewery that truly strives to bring more folks into the fold.

If you’re in Lexington and have time, stop by and check out the great brews they have to offer. They’ve taken quite a bit of time to perfect their production and they look forward to hearing what people think about the brews they have to offer. Whether you’re into IPAs, Wits, or even a Saison, you’ll likely find something that makes you smile in their well-appointed taproom.

Have you already tried Ethereal’s brews?

If you’ve had a chance to stop by and try some of Ethereal Brewing’s outstanding craft beer, be sure to tell us about it in the comments. We love to hear from our readers and your comment could easily be the reason for our next brew feature. In the meantime, from all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


Jul 13, 2017