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Etude Wines: Elegance in a glass

Our Journey

At Etude Wines, the resounding view is that wine should come from outstandingly sourced blocks of only the best grapes on the vine. While this view is certainly one that exists within nearly every vineyard and winery in the industry, Etude has taken their efforts to a level that simply cannot be ignore. Their dedication to producing only the best possible wines from the blocks they select and providing their clientele with an outstanding tasting experience is admirable and more than noteworthy.

Where are the vineyards of Etude located and what types of wines do they make?

Etude creates a lovely array of wines that are produced from their own vineyards. These vineyards are located in more than one AVA, allowing them to source only the best of each harvest from those blocks that have produced the most outstanding grapes of the season. Their locations include:

  • Carneros
  • Sonoma Coast
  • Willamette Valley
  • Santa Barbara County

While some winemakers prefer to stick with one appellation for their grapes, the folks at Etude have chosen to expand their range, making it possible for them to produce a variety of wines that not only feature the influence of their individual micro-climates but also all possess the delicious quality that their production can express.

Choose a tasting experience and enjoy the atmosphere

You have a variety of options when you choose to experience a tasting at Etude. They offer a nice range and Wine Club Members have some serious perks that are available like complimentary tastings for themselves and up to 3 guests! Other options include the Etude Tasting, which involves a lovely flight of five different wines for you to try at their main bar. This is the most cost effective option, as well as one that will likely suit your needs if you are there for a brief visit.

Other experiences include their Study of Pinot Noir, which includes a tasting of the wines from each of their appellations. This allows you to compare the interesting and unique notes awarded each wine by its particular terroir of origin. If you are someone who loves to experience the myriad differences that soil, climate, and elevation can provide, this is the experience you will want to remember for years to come.

No matter which tasting you choose, tell us about it!

If you participate in one of the wine tasting experiences of Etude Wines, be sure to let us know about your experience and the memories you’ve acquired. We love to hear from our readers, especially when they’re telling us about the amazing premium wines they have had the distinct pleasure of tasting. Until then, we’ll be hard at work here in South Florida as we prepare for our opening later this year at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault. Happy tasting!


May 26, 2017