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Even the Midwest has hot craft breweries!

Our Journey

The midwest is dotted with shockingly amazing hot spots and Chicago is one of them.  The history of this city is littered with accounts that date back to the early 1800s, although the city never gained the notoriety of neighboring cities such as Milwaukee in the brewing industry.  More is known of the organized crime ties than the several former craft breweries of the city and only a few of those craft breweries survived prohibition.

One such brewery to survive was Mutual Brewery, which remained in operation until 1924, well into the Prohibition era.  This lovely historical building still has its cornerstone depicting the name of the company and the name of the architect as well as the year (1907).  Although this is not the oldest of the buildings, it is one of the most well-preserved.

Enough of the past, what craft breweries does Chicago have to offer now?

When it comes to breweries, this city was able to hide away a wealth of brewing gems, and still does today!  There are a wide variety of small craft breweries throughout the city and plenty of opportunity to check out their delicious craft beers.  Traveling through the city you can find a long list of breweries, some of which we’ll be listing below for you to enjoy.  Remember to try all of their flights so you can compare and pick the best for your tastes.  Don’t forget to bring your growler because there are several delightful places you’ll want to arrange a fill!

Many craft breweries feature taproomsOn to the craft breweries!

We start our journey at Begyle Brewing, who offer craft brewery tours which include a 13oz. tulip glass and samples of their excellent brews.  Tours are held on Saturdays and more information, including their taproom hours can be found at their site, while their list of brews can be found at Beermenus.com for those who wish to see the list before visiting.

Next on our trip is Haymarket Pub and Brewery, where fun and brews come together in a perfect pairing.  From their brewery to their taproom, this place has spent six years perfecting their craft and creating some very unique brews.  In addition to some outstanding craft beers, these guys have a food menu that is divine.  From tasty appetizers to sumptuous sandwiches, there is sure to be a menu item that favors your palette.

Moving on, we come to DryHop Brewers, where they really do strive to make that transition from fermentation tank to glass a short one while preserving the quality and taste of their brews.  Their growlers and crowlers offer customers an added level of enjoyment, as everyone deserves to take one home.  With food on the menu as well, you can be sure to leave this place full and happy, with a growler in the back for later enjoyment.

Finally, we wander over to Pipeworks Brewing Company, a fairly new craft brewery that opened in 2012 on W. McLean Ave. and has found fast expansion through their outstanding brews.  Their variety of labels can be found at their facility, as well as in New York and Colorado through two distribution agents who’ve helped to spread their delicious beer across the U.S., one state at a time.  Be sure to stop into The Dojo, their bottle shop which just recently opened to the public!

We hope you enjoy your visit to Chicago and want to remind you to check for local events at the All-State Arena, formerly known as the Rosemont Horizon, where they often have concerts, wrestling, and other events for you to enjoy!  Also, don’t forget to stop back in and tell us about the great breweries and events you visit!  We love to hear from our readers and your story could inspire our next feature post.

We’re hard at work down here in South Florida in the Warehouse District at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, getting ready for our own opening later this year, so be sure to check back regularly for updates!  We can’t wait to start offering great craft beer and premium wines to our customers and we hope to see all of you there!


Jun 8, 2017