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Excellent craft beer: Dogfish Head Brewery

Our Journey

When it comes to outstanding quality, inspirational dedication, and excellent craft beer, Dogfish Head Brewery has every single quality in their portfolio.  We admire their effort and innovation, and to be honest, we’re a little bit jealous of the steampunk treehouse on their lawn.  Just a little bit, though.  After all, they’ve kind of earned that trophy after 21 years of craft brewing excellence.

Indian Brown is an excellent great beer!What makes you say they have excellent craft beer?

We’ve tried it!  Their brews are full of flavor and have an awesome finish.  Pictured at left is their amazing Indian Brown dark IPA.  This outstanding brew proves that they produce excellent craft beer.  It has a great flavor that pairs really well with rich meats and when we paired it with bacon wrapped rib eye steak we were blown away!  The hint of caramel and brown sugar matched so well with the rich flavor of the meat that we couldn’t help but take our time eating.  It was an experience we simply didn’t want to rush and when it was over we were tempted to order another steak just to do it over again!

Excellent craft beer like Red and White deserves some praiseDo they have any other excellent craft beer you would recommend?

Of course, they do.  Check out their Red and White as soon as you can.  Also, we would like to mention their delicious Midas Touch, a blend of mead, ale, and wine that has plenty of us talking.  They’ve classified this as an Ancient Ale, which it certainly is!  The blend of these three styles is pretty impressive and we’re looking forward to what they come up with next.  After all, once you pull off a blend like that, you have to come up with something pretty surprising to top it!

We expect to see quite a lot of innovative ideas coming from this team because they are truly dedicated to creating amazing brews for amazing people.  Or as they say it “we’re dedicated to bringing off-centered goodness to off-centered people”.  We’re certainly ok with that because they provide some outstanding brews!

Which excellent craft beer do you plan to try next?

We have a pretty big list of excellent craft beer we want to try and to list them all here would take hours.  However, where Dogfish Head Brewery is concerned, we plan to try out their Punkin Ale, Beer for Breakfast Stout, Flesh & Blood IPA, and Olde School Barleywine as soon as we can.  You can find all of their current brews HERE and can find tour information on their site as well.

While we work hard on the road to our own opening in West Palm Beach in April of this year, we’ll be tasting as many different brews as we can.  Inspiration comes in many forms and flavors and we’re happy to be inspired by all of them!  Come see us later this year at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault and let us know what you think of the many brews we’ve featured in our blog!



Jan 20, 2017