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Excellent Vintners: Karma Vineyards

Our Journey

We’ve found yet another vineyard to add to our list of excellent vintners that are producing outstanding premium wines.  Karma Vineyards has passed our test and we’re proud to feature them as one of the great vineyards out there in the world.  Their premium wines are certainly ones to desire in your rack and we can’t wait to try a few more of their delicious vintages soon!

Although we tend to feature Napa Valley vineyards most of the time, this Washington vineyard has certainly caught our interest!  Their dedication to the craft is admirable and the amazing quality of their wines has us wanting more.  As we work our way to our opening in West Palm Beach, Florida in April, we’ve been traveling the United States to seek out amazing premium wines for our wine grotto and we have to say, we’re tempted to add them to our list!

Excellent vintners have a habit of giving back to the communityExcellent vintners who give back to the community

Karma Vineyards is serious about the arts and children’s’ well-being.  They donate $1 from every sale to local arts and children’s’ programs in the Chelan Valley, showing they fully support the future of their community.  We’re quite proud of that effort, as we too are strong proponents of communities supporting each other for a brighter future.  Our hats are off to them for their continued efforts.

In addition to their continued support of their community through donations, they also have strong ties through their desire to create a cleaner, greener earth.  They have joined the ranks of those who prefer sustainable growing practices and cure their vines with a tea application each year to promote healthy plants and healthier soil.  This helps to reduce the chemicals used and that means cleaner groundwater as a result!  Such outstanding practices are commendable and we’re happy to see vineyards use them.

They’ve also taken to cane pruning in their Pinot Noir blocks and increasing the air flow, which has rapidly increased the quality and health of their plants.  This, in turn, has allowed them to produce their delicious Pinot Noir that has a great flavor and texture and really does seem to be imbued with the care and dedication they’ve placed into their vineyards overall!

We are happy to say this vineyard is producing outstanding premium wines and that they are doing so because they care about learning and practicing what they learn.  It shows in every bottle, especially those from their most carefully tended blocks, which seem to produce some of the most flavorful and hardy grapes of the vineyard.

Excellent vintners have been utilizing underground cellars for centuriesUnderground vintners make excellent vintners

The biggest aspiration that we’ve been impressed by is their 3,000 square foot facility located underground.  The wine cellar has allowed them to use as little space possible above-ground and that means less impact on the community itself in a great way.  The acoustics down there are phenomenal!  We even heard jokes about that affecting the quality of the wine and being the reason it ages so well.  While we certainly cannot confirm this theory, we are not going to deny the possible validity either.  After all, their wines are too outstanding to deny any possible reasoning.

We really hope you get a chance to visit this beautiful vineyard and speak to some of its excellent staff.  They vineyards are lovely and 18 Brix Restaurant is an amazing choice for dining.  Yes, we’re saying they operate a restaurant as well.  What better way to enjoy pairing a wine with dinner than to visit an actual restaurant right?  The food is divine and the wines are top-notch.  This entire estate holds so many surprises and delights that we can see no reason at all for anyone to pass it up for a visit.

We wish Karma Vineyards a long and exciting future and hope to see their wines come across our wine list after our opening in West Palm Beach in April.




Jan 26, 2017