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Favorite IPAs, Porters, and Stouts

Our Journey

We all have a brew that we love above all others.  It’s something that happens over time as we taste several different craft beers.  That’s one of the great parts of craft brewing.  We all get to have different taste, yet we all agree that craft beer is great.  Here are a few of our favorite IPAs, Porters, and Stouts.  Maybe they’re already on your list of favorites as well.  If not, give them a try and see what you think!

3 of our Favorite IPAs

Whether you like a mildly hoppy brew or a hopmonster full of bitter joy, we know you’ll enjoy these IPAs that we’ve selected.  They cover a range of concentrations, so be prepared for some variety.

  • Knee Deep Brewing Company: Belgo Hoptologist Double IPA
    • This outstanding IPA from Knee Deep is certainly one great craft beer.  Made with a variety of malts and what they classify as “a lot” of hops, it is blended perfectly!
  • Georgetown Beer: Lucille IPA
    • At 7% ABV, this delicious IPA packs a little bit of a kick in the pants.  This brew made it to the list of our favorite IPAs due to its well-balanced flavor and outstanding brewmanship.  We plan to feature this great craft brewery in the near future because their offerings are delicious.
  • Founders Brewing Company: Centennial IPA
    • We can’t have a favorite IPAs list without Founders Brewing in it.  It’s simply not done.  Mostly because Founders brews some of the most outstanding craft beers on the market.  This IPA is nothing short of perfect for sipping with your favorite meals including rich meals.

3 of our Favorite Stouts

American Imperial Stouts are a great addition to any craft beer collection.  We each had to choose just one stout to add to this list, although there are at least half a dozen I would have listed personally.  Enjoy and happy sipping!

  • Founders Brewing Company: Breakfast Stout
    • Again, Founders makes the list with their Breakfast Stout.  This stout has gained some great reviews and we’re in agreement with the reviewers.  With 8.3% ABV, a generous infusion of roasted coffee, and a finish that certainly explains the Silver Medal in 2014, this brew belongs in every collection.
  • Deschutes Brewing Company: The Abyss
    • Deschutes knows craft beer and they know it very well.  Their reserve collection stout, The Abyss, even had the portaholic crowing over how great it was.  That takes some serious talent and we’re proud to include this brew on the favorite stouts list.  Six malts, four hops varieties, and list of additions half a mile long have come together into one perfectly blended delight.
  • Bell’s Beer: Kalamazoo Stout
    • This stout came to us as a gift and we’re glad it was sent!  We hadn’t tried it before and we were curious at first, but after hitting that heady aroma we were ready to dive in.  This is another one that made the portaholic dance, as it has a great blend of chocolate and coffee, along with a hop blending that balanced everything perfectly.  It’s worth grabbing a six-pack to share!

4 of our Favorite Porters

Wait a minute, why are there four porters?  It seems that having the resident Portaholic as our writer means we have to accept her rules of balance, which seem to lean in favor of the porters.  Ah well, here they are folks and we hope you enjoy each of them equally.

  • Founders Brewing Company: Porter
    • As a Portaholic, this is my go-to porter for the day.  Everyone has that one day of the week where all they want is a great craft brew, a book, maybe a little RPS action, and most important, silence.  This is my Sunday porter, which I enjoy while either reading or creating art.  No RPG action for me, as this is relaxation time.  A top-notch porter in every aspect, Porter offers a lovely aroma, complex flavor profile that suits almost any meal, and a finish that won’t leave you asking for something else.  Worth keeping around all of the time.
  • Fathead’s Brewery: Prohibition Pauly
    • Weighing in at 6.6% ABV, this porter features the historical American Porter style with hints of chocolate, coffee, caramel, and a host of other aromas.  The bitter finish makes it a great craft beer to pair with meals like Barbecued Ribs, or if you’re into dessert, Chocolate Icecream on top of delicious Fudge Brownies.  Take it from a Portaholic with Chocoholic tendencies, this brew is definitely one for your sweettooth.
  • The Blacktooth Brewing Company: Black Eagle Baltic Porter
    • While this is more of a dark lager than an actual porter, the aroma profile caught our attention and we had to try it.  To be honest, you’d have trouble telling the difference between this lager and a classic porter, as the caramel, chocolate, coffee, and rich blend of malts and hops really do come together in a great way.  This Baltic Porter is certainly worthy of the favorite porters list.
  • Funky Buddha: Maple Bacon Coffee Porter
    • What can we say, Funky Buddha produces some of the best brews on the market.  Although we would not want to drink this porter every day, it is an interesting take on the style that we dared to pair with breakfast!  The flavor profile suited our steak and eggs choice (I know, lame right?  We like steak for breakfast) very well and we expect it would do just as well with several other rich meals.

We hope you get a chance to try each of the brews on our lists, especially our favorite IPAs.  We’ll be bringing forward some more options in the coming weeks while we get ready for our own opening coming up in April.  It’s been a hard road here in West Palm Beach, Florida, but the great brews we’ve found along the way have certainly made it interesting!  Cheers!


Feb 21, 2017