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FAWL Palm Beach Wine & Craft Beer Tasting — November 28, 2018 West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault


The Palm Beach Chapter of FAWL is having a reception 5:30-7:00 pm on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault, 332 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401.  This FAWL Palm Beach reception is sponsored by the Pankauski Hauser law firm, and features a select tasting of limited production, premium wine and craft beer to celebrate the holidays.  Here’s what you need to know about supporting the fine work of the Palm Beach Chapter of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers. 

  • WHAT?  Reception by the Palm Beach Chapter  https://pbcfawl.org/  of the Florida Association for Women’s Lawyers, FAWL.    https://pbcfawl.org/calendar/legislator-meet-greet-reception/    This November 28th event will feature a Meet & Greet Reception for Legislators and is sponsored by Pankauski Hauser PLLC. The trial lawyers and appellate attorneys at Pankauski Hauser limit their practice to trials, disputes and appeals for probate, wills, trusts, estates, guardianship, and business & commercial matters.  They handle trial matters throughout the State of Florida. 
  • WHEN?  Wednesday, November 28th, 2018, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm.  
  • WHERE?  The West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault, 332 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401.  The West Palm Beach Brewery is located three blocks south of the Main Courthouse, also known as the Judge Daniel T.K. Hurley Courthouse. There is abundant parking in the multi-level city parking garage accessible on Evernia Street from either South Dixie Highway or South Olive Avenue. The parking garage is literally 30 feet from the brewery. 
  • FAWL Palm Beach —  The Palm Beach Chapter of FAWL is an active organization whose mission it is to actively promote gender equality and the leadership roles of FAWL’s members in the legal profession, judiciary, and community at large. “I’m very proud to support the leadership, focus and dedication which so many female attorneys, members of the judiciary, and para-professionals provide to clients, members of the community, and colleagues each and every day” said Pankauski Hauser Managing Partner John Pankauski.  “In 2018, perhaps more so than ever before, we need to remind others of the importance of gender equality.  I would not be where I am today without the support of my late mother, Sophie, and from the hard work, intellect and dedication of those who have helped me build our law firm, like Dana Murray.”   For Pankauski, supporting women in leadership roles is a personal thing.  “I was lucky to have been brought up surrounded by amazing role models, including my parents, and my Aunt I, Aunt Jen, Aunt Helen, as well as my uncles.  While only my dad went to college, each of them was hard working, smart, loving and supportive.  I recall as a boy at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, all of my aunts and uncles talking current events, news and politics with mom and dad.  I’m so supportive of gender equality because I experienced it in my house and saw it first hand.  My mom and aunts were strong, loving and opinionated!  They were the CEOs of their families, and I’ve learned a lot from them about being a leader, working hard, and being strong enough to never lose empathy or compassion. “   For a more detailed history of the FAWL Palm Beach  Chapter, click on this link:  https://pbcfawl.org/about/
  • Purchase FAWL Palm Beach Tickets — to purchase tickets to this FAWL Palm Beach Legislator Meet & Greet Reception at the West Palm Beach Brewery on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018, click on this link:https://pbcfawl.org/calendar/legislator-meet-greet-reception/
  • Brewery Supports Women !     The West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault, and the trial and appellate lawyers at Pankauski Hauser PLLC, are pleased to support the fine work of women attorneys, female members of the judiciary, women paralegals, and, particularly the wonderful work of the Palm Beach County Chapter of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers, or FAWL.  The West Palm Beach Brewery is an independently owned and operated craft brewery and wine retail store offering craft and artisan food and beer, along with limited production, premium wine https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/   from our nation’s finest vineyards. 


Nov 18, 2018