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Featured Vineyard: Salvestrin Winery

Our Journey

Salvestrin Winery produces wines that exemplify the quality and value we have come to expect from premium wines.  Located in the luscious Napa Valley, this vineyard was established in 1932 and has been going strong ever since.  Their experience goes far beyond producing such amazing handcrafted wine, though.  They have mastered the art of true customer satisfaction and innovation that extends from their vineyards to the lovely Inn located at Salvestrin Winery too!

Salvestrin Winery takes pride in growing their grapesStay at Salvestrin Winery and learn more about the land and craft

Salvestrin Winery is unique because they offer lodgings at the winery itself.  The small inn located on the property is absolutely lovely and speaks of a quieter time in history when people took life at a slower pace.  Guests are encouraged to learn more about the winemaking craft during their stay, as these folks have a wealth of experience to discuss.  The absolutely gorgeous 1879 Victorian inn provides the perfect backdrop for learning about such an elegant craft!

However, these lodgings are for Club members, so you are encouraged to join!  After all, what is better than being a Club member, considering the bonuses of membership?  More information on their various clubs can be found at their site and the benefits of each one are well-worth the cost.

Generations of experience exist at Salvestrin Winery

Starting with the patriarch of the family, John Salvestrin, the lovely estate was established by himself and his wife Emma, who had a love for growing.  They saw a future in the industry and showed the dedication necessary to excel in that industry.  Over time the vineyard came to encompass four generations and the quality has only gotten better over time.

With so much love involved in their wines, it is no surprise to us that each bottle seems to be imbued with passion.  Their Estate Cabernet is divine and we hope to see all of their wines excel in the same manner.  That is not really a stretch, as all of their wines are great!  From their Sauvignon Blanc to their Petit Sirah, each wine has a unique flavor and texture that brings a smile to our faces.

Taste is everything and a tasting is suggested!

Salvestrin offers wine tastings that are definitely worth the time.  We suggest their Crane Estate Tasting, as it covers several wines and includes an extensive tour of the estate itself.  We are sure you will appreciate learning about the history of their estate and how their wines have developed over the decades into the amazing vintages they are now.  This family has spent decades perfecting their craft and they are gaining recognition for that effort as well!  Featured on the Top 10 Small Undiscovered Wineries of Napa Valley list by Legendary Napa Valley, they have certainly caught the eye of the industry and we expect that trend to continue far into the future.



Jan 14, 2017