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Find a Lil Heaven with this session IPA

Our Journey

Have you ever tasted a craft beer and wondered if you had died and gone to heaven?  We know we have and that happened recently when we tried Lil Heaven Session IPA.  This delicious session brew from Two Roads Brewing Company really impressed us, as it is hard to find a session beer that really fits the style properly.  Two Roads nailed it on the head with this one, as the ABV is just right and it still offers that hops profile we really love without going overboard and ruining the style.

Lil Heaven really makes you wonder how much better a brew can get

Sessionable brews are great for food pairingSession IPAs often gain a lot of flack, with very good reason.  So many breweries are pushing super hopped up brews lately that they forget what a true session brew is supposed to taste and feel like.  This can be frustrating when you’re looking for a great session beer for an afternoon with friends and end up finding one that is just another hopped up IPA with too much ABV and not enough sessionable style.

There are no worries with Lil Heaven, as it holds just enough of a malt bill to really balance everything out, while still giving that great citrus flavor that we enjoy in an IPA.  The tropical notes are right on target, the just barely bitter finish is perfect, and the malt bill smooths out the texture to a perfect point, making the brew one of those all-day craft beers you can spend the entire day with in the backyard or on the deck.

Pair it up, this brew loves food!

As we mention backyards, we really also need to mention that this is the perfect chance to grill up some great food and pair the brew with it.  We found that Lil Heaven pairs really well with a huge range of foods from grilled steaks and ribs to grilled broccoli and asparagus, which is hard to find in a craft beer lately.  You’ll have no fear with this one, no matter what you decide to bring to the table.

We paired ours with some grilled ribeye’s, broccoli Raab, and pan sauteed shrimp with just a hint of paprika on it.  The results were outstanding.  The beer brought out the flavors in each different piece of food and we couldn’t have been more pleased overall.

Check out Two Roads brews and let us know what you think!

Check out some of the great Two Roads brews on the market and let us know what you thought of them.  We love to hear from our readers, so leave us a comment and perhaps it will be the inspiration for our next post!  In the meantime, Happy Brewing from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault!


Apr 24, 2017