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Fires remind vineyards that you always need a plan

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The fires that have been raging in the Western states recently have brought concerns to many residents and businesses. With fires popping up like, well, wildfire, in Nevada’s North-Eastern region and many blazes breaking out throughout California, folks are quickly being reminded that it is always important to have a plan in place for these natural dangers.

Fire control and safety are of high concern

One of the biggest concerns in California is that the many fires that pop up will affect the many vineyards in the state. Considering the amount of revenue that the vineyards of California bring to the state, there is plenty of reason for concern. At a time when the state can use all of the revenue it can get, the risk of fires destroying part of an industry that nets over 30 billion in revenue for the state is a very real danger to their economic structure.

For those who don’t think a vineyard could go up in flames very quickly, please understand, the older the vines, the more “wood” there is. Add to that the fact that many vineyards in the state have moved towards Organic Growing Practices, Natural Farming, and Green Energy and you have a recipe for disaster when the weather turns arid. Yes, vineyards employ the practice of creating fire breaks, but this is not going to stop an established blaze for long.

I thought Organic, Natural, and Green were good?

Actually, they’re great. However, these practices also take a lot of the mechanization out of the vineyard, which can mean less fast water access. There are still emergencies water points throughout the vineyards, as no vintner worth their salt is going to leave entire blocks of precious vines unprotected, but the sheer amount needed in case of larger wildfires is hard to maintain and sometimes hard to afford for smaller vineyards as well.

We strongly support the move towards Organic Growing, Natural Growing, and Green Energy. These practices have allowed vineyards all over the state to innovate and gain a bit more reputation for providing quality wines. However, we also see where the regulations for these practices can bring about a bit less preparedness and we want to see vineyards installing larger numbers of emergency points for water access and creating larger fire berms in order to protect the vines.

Hope, Preparedness, and Safety are keys for everyone in case of fire

We are crossing our fingers for the Western states right now and hope everyone, resident and business alike, is taking serious consideration for their preparedness practices in this dangerously dry season. While some areas combat flooding, others are dry as tinder, and this is certainly a tumultuous time for everyone. From all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we’re sending up well-wishes for all of you on the other side of the United States.


Jul 16, 2017