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Five Six One Hefeweizen is a brew you can drink all day


When it comes to finding a brew that is great for those all-day laz-a-way sessions, our Five Six One Hefeweizen is a perfect choice.  Not only can you kick back and enjoy the company of friends, but you won’t have to worry about embarrassing shenanigans!  Well, we can’t guarantee a lack of shenanigans, as there is always that one guy at every party.  However, if you’re bringing everyone in for some great Hefeweizen, you can at least be assured that the shenanigans won’t start as quickly!

Five Six One Hefeweizen is great!What makes Five Six One Hefeweizen so great?

One of the features of this brew that makes it such a great choice for the all-day hangout sessions with your friends and colleagues is its lower ABV.  Having an ABV of just 4.7% means this brew will hold in there just as long as you do, without knocking you down when you stand up.  Pair that lower ABV will an outstanding, classic Hefeweizen flavor and aroma and you have a hit!

Our doors have been open for a short period of time, but we’ve already heard great feedback about this brew.  Patrons love the aroma, the classic brewing style, and the outstanding flavor.  They’ve also told us several times that it would be their go-to for larger groups, as they could enjoy more, longer.  We really love getting all of this feedback, as it tells us we’re headed in the right direction!

Stop in and try Five Six One Hefeweizen at West Palm Beach Brewery

Be sure to make a stop at our place while you’re in West Palm Beach.  There are plenty of things to do in the area, and you will have a chance to enjoy some of our amazing in-house brewed craft beer.  While you’re here, walk over to The Intracoastal Kitchen and grab some delicious food.  Chef Andrew would love to see you, too!


Jan 12, 2018