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Five Top-Rated Breweries in South Florida According to Google

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With over 150 breweries in the state of Florida, it is hard to choose just one or two to visit.  However, if you break it down into a specific zone, the list gets easier to populate by the minute!  We took a look at the ratings for all of the (listed) breweries in South Florida and bring you the five top-rated breweries on the southern map.

Due South Brewing punches in at number one with a current 4.8-star rating that is pretty hard to beat.  This Boynton Beach company offers a wide and ever-changing range of brews for visitors to sample and the locals are giving it great reviews.  Although some say it’s a bit warm in the summer, you can usually find a food cart outside and reviewers admit that the brews are well worth the time you to stop in.

Next, we find Tequesta Brewing, located in… Tequesta, Florida of course!  This hopping brewery turns out over 40 beers a year, one heck of an effort if you ask us.  They offer brew tasting and growler fills and according to one reviewer, they may even use Odin’s Tears in their process.  If that isn’t saying their brews are heavenly, I don’t know what does!

On down the line, we discover that Abbey Brewing Company in Miami is apparently the hot spot to check in for housemade brews and even some European imports!  According to the reviews, this little pub has a very authentic feel and with it being located less than a mile from the beach, it is no surprise that it’s finding a lot of popularity!

Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park is next on our hit list and has had a variety of mixed reviews.  While those who prefer traditional brews only seem to prefer a different style, there is a great crowd of experimental drinkers who are raving about this place!  The large brewery offers tours, has a large tap room with games, and caters to larger crowds.

Last on our top five is Barrel of Monks Brews in Boca Raton.  My personal taste would place this as my personal best craft brewery right now, as the place is simply genuine.  From the authentic decor to the events they hold, this place is worth every penny and their happy hour is the hottest thing in the area.  Check out their events list and makes plans to stop in at this super hot spot!


Dec 21, 2016