Happy Hour: 4pm - 7pm, M-F

Flavor and fun all under one roof!

Our Journey

One of the best features of our brewery is the transition from the brewery to the restaurant to the wine tasting room. Yes, we said it, you can enjoy all three while you are here! We wanted to bring together all sorts of people to one place where they can enjoy a litany of top-quality brews, food, and wines and we’ve managed to do exactly that!

Our plans are always moving forward

From the premium wines we’ve contracted with Pankauski Wine Cellars to the scrumptious dishes created by Chef Andrew in our wood-fired brick oven, on down to the in-house brewed craft beer that has been such a hit, we’re proud to see how well our plans have turned out.

Craft beer and Premium wines are our passion and the delicious food we’ve been offering simply ties right in. We’ve expanded and improved our outdoor seating area to include plenty of live plants, seating space, and a lovely, relaxed feeling you’re sure to enjoy. On top of all of these things, we’ve been incorporating some pretty awesome events like our In The Biz hours, Happy Hour, Beer It Forward board, and more.

Each addition is related to the people we serve

Every addition is a direct reflection of what our patrons want. Whether that is an interesting dish that would be pretty popular and easy to create in the wood-fired brick oven or new ways for the community to get involved with each other like our Beer It Forward board, each tie to our guests. Be one of our guests today and tell us what you think of the food, the brews, the wines, and any ideas you may have about new additions. You never know, it could become our next event!

Until we see you, safe and happy travels!


Mar 9, 2018