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Flavored brews to make you smile

Our Journey

With so many flavored and hopped up brews coming out in droves every year, we’ve decided it’s time to look at some of the great flavored brews we’ve enjoyed over the years.  From delicious Vanilla porters to barleywines that hold more flavor than a barrel full of fruit.  No matter what your pleasure, there is sure to be something on the market to quench your thirst and tease your taste buds!

Flavored brews are making waves all over the United States

It is a simple fact that flavored brews have gained a massive amount of popularity across the country.  What started as a “fad” has turned into a collection of creative brews that absolutely sizzle with flavors and aromas for us to enjoy as enthusiasts.  What we thought might be a passing fancy in the craft brewing industry has certainly proven to be great.  Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we have tried a huge array of these interesting brews and we can honestly say we are glad they are here to stay.

For example, the Vanilla Porter from Breckenridge Brewery has aroma for days and flavors that not only please the palate but also tease the senses with the subtle nuances of taste.  And if you’re worried about bitterness, stop right there, because, with only 16 IBUs, you’re not going to find a biting edge to this brew no matter how hard you try.  In addition, the ABV of 5.4% means you can enjoy it for hours with friends without concerns about unintended shenanigans!

Another great flavored brew we have encountered is Derivation from Side Project Brewing.  There are a variety of batches to this outstanding brew, however, our favorite was #4, an Imperial Stout blend aged in Elijah Craig 12-year-old barrels.  The brew was absolutely lilting and perfectly blended, with hints of Madagascar Vanilla Bean in every sniff and sip.

However, if we had to choose our favorite flavored brew so far, we would simply have to choose Ballast Point’s Tart Cherry Wheat Ale, labeled Sea Rose.  This brew is an intriguingly crisp wheat ale that has had the addition of delicious tart cherry juice, giving it a fruity aroma that draws you in with the most tantalizing scent.  You’ll be sent on a journey that starts out with fruity nuances of cherry and a crisp throat, followed through with a dry but tart finish that simply sends your taste buds into overload.

What flavored brews do you love?

There are so many flavored brews on the market to choose from that we have not had a chance to try them all, and likely never will.  However, if you leave us a comment with the flavored brews you have tried, we’ll certainly have a great base to start from!  Tell us about the great flavored brews you’ve had and where they came from.  Who knows, perhaps your comment will spark our next feature post!



Jun 18, 2017