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Why You Should Go to A Florida Brewery– a Palm Beach choice !


You should go to a Florida brewery the next time you want to go to a Palm Beach restaurant.  What….?   Here’s my pitch on why Florida craft breweries are a splendid alternative in Palm Beach to a bar or restaurant. (No offense, bar and restaurant owners: we love Palm Beach County bars and restaurants.  Truly !!!   It’s just that our Madison Avenue, seven figure, consumer marketing and research teams tell us that we need to spread the word about craft beer in Florida and Palm Beach !!)

  1.  Brewery = Unique.  You get a unique experience !  Let’s face it: it’s pretty cool that when you visit a Florida brewery, you are meeting folks who are making artisan craft beer right on the premises! That’s awesome ! Like, the tanks are right there !! We know that visitors, https://www.thepalmbeaches.com/   business trippers http://www.pbconventioncenter.com/  and residents in Palm Beach love craft beer, and, also, they love most things artisan.  They love when passionate, focused individuals and companies create products and experiences which you won’t find anywhere else.  So, please support your local brewery in Florida.  Many are small businesses and family owned.  There are some wonderfully talented individuals making beer for you that you simply won’t get in a restaurant or bar. And they make it with love, passion and sincerity for you !! 
  2. Breweries in Florida =  Innovative    We make beer to connect with you !   Whether it’s a hazy IPA or dark Russian Imperial Stout, we are getting innovative, creative and bringing something to you that you don’t have in the fridge.  Everyone has heard that a hundred years ago…OK…. 150 years ago, there were breweries on every block.  Then prohibition came along and shut  us down.  Well, now there is, thankfully !, a resurgence in not only the production of small lot, limited production craft beer, but also, a resurgence in the consumption, interest, and demand of craft beer ! Thank you !!!  Florida breweries know that we are not North Carolina or California.  But, we are passionate and sincere.  We will get you the great tasting, wonderful craft beer experience that so many love.  We are boundless, without “boxes” and handcuffs.  We are innovative, trying to craft both great, delicious beer and experiences which you won’t find anywhere else. 
  3. Florida Breweries = Open Minded    Let’s face it.  The history of craft beer in Florida is short….and that’s being polite !!    We don’t have much of a history compared to some other states or cities, which have had “micro breweries” for decades.  We are “new ” to the scene, so we are open minded. We are not constrained by pre-conceptions, history, nor the “way things were done.”  We want to create craft beer for you , including a brewery experience to remember!
  4. You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get!   Look at the variety of delicious, home made beers which Palm Beach breweries offer ! Florida breweries have amazing IPAs. Just look at Civil Society in Jupiter ! https://civilsocietybrewing.com/    Wonderful IPA’s and an incredible craft experience.  Devour Brewing  in Boynton Beach is so good that we have carried their Fruity Loops, which I have been a fan of since Dan G. and I visited them 2 years ago!   Great people !!  https://www.devourbrewing.com/  Due South  is in a class by itself.  We love their beer and their events, where we see “old” friends and meet “new” craft beer lovers, and those in the brewery industry.  https://www.duesouthbrewing.com/    Tequesta Brewing Coming http://www.tequestabrewing.com/   is just spendid and has lots of great beer beyond its popular Der Chancellor.  (I just enjoyed their Spell Czech: great Pilsner!).  Copperpoint Brewing  http://copperpointbrewingcompany.com/  is a tribute to what can be done quickly and with some passion when one is focused.  I love their tasting room and the cheeseburgers and BBQ from the food trucks. I’ve purchased crowlers and met many friends there over the past two years.   A must visit when visiting Palm Beach County breweries.   NOBO   http://www.nobobrewing.com/ is  a wonderful stop with great craft beer.    My point is that we have variety here in South Florida for craft beer and also craft breweries !  Plan, stop, visit, taste !  You never know what you’re gonna get ! 
  5. We’ve Come a Long Way Baby !  The future for breweries in South Florida is amazing !  Check out Accomplice for amazing !! cider and draft craft, http://www.accomplicebrewery.com/ Matthews Brewing   https://mathewsbrewingcompany.com/ in Lake Worth, Ookapow    http://www.ookapow.comin the Warehouse District and Royal Palm Brewing  https://www.facebook.com/royalpalmbrewingcompany/  in Wellington/Royal Palm.  There are lots of passionate, small business persons, artisans and families who want to make great beer and connect with people.  Please support your local brewery !!   


Jun 11, 2018