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Flying Fish are invading the craft brewing industry

Our Journey

It seems that there are fish popping up all over in the craft brewing industry.  From Dogfish to Flying Fish, the industry has been bombarded with their scales and we’re really enjoying the challenge of catching all of their great varieties.  Today we’re looking at Flying Fish Brewing Company in Somerdale, New Jersey, where they are brewing up some really great craft beer for everyone to try and showing us exactly what the craft brewing industry is capable of accomplishing.

Craft brewing excellence starts with a great ideaSustainability is important to Flying Fish Brewing

We’re always happy to see another craft brewery going strong for the sustainability side of the craft brewing industry and Flying Fish is certainly doing exactly that.  From the solar tubes they are using to light their brewery to the 463 solar panels lining their roof, they’ve taken huge strides to reduce their carbon footprint on the earth.  Their dedication to creating a healthier environment for their community is highly commendable and our hats are off to them for their powerful efforts.

In addition to their solar powered efforts, Flying Fish is showing huge promise in their water recycling program.  By using process water to fuel their cleaning systems, they are making use of wastewater that would otherwise go to “pot” so to speak.  Also, they’ve created a system to capture the steam from their brewing process which helps them to obtain 1 gallon of water for every 5 gallons of beer brewed!  Outstanding innovations like this are why we love the craft brewing industry and hope to see even more great progress made in the future.

If you think they couldn’t possibly come up with more than that, you’d be wrong.  Seriously, these folks are the masters of green energy, recycling, and sustainability!  All of their spent grains are shipped to a local dairy farm for feeding their livestock, which accounts for around 2 million pounds of feed per year!  As you can imagine, this also means that those cattle are living happy and healthy, providing the community with some outstanding meat and dairy.

With all of this, there’s still more to the Flying Fish sustainability program.  All materials are recycled including paper, plastic, glass, and pallets.  Furniture is purchased as used and then reconditioned locally.  To top it all off, they’ve created a rain garden to help divert water from running into the nearby creek, reducing soil erosion and helping to put that water back into the groundwater where it is needed.  We could all learn a lot from these folks!

Take a tour and see what Flying Fish Brewing is all about!

We strongly suggest that everyone have the chance to see what these folks are up to.  By taking a tour of their facilities, you’ll get to see first-hand what they have accomplished and what the craft brewing industry is really capable of.  Their sustainability program alone has us in awe and we’re really proud of what they have brought together for their community.  We hope that every brewery out there will sit up and take notice, then strive to reach the same level of outstanding community effort that Flying Fish has already achieved.

Don’t forget to stop by the Tasting Room at Flying Fish and check out the delicious brews they offer on tap.  You’ll be impressed with their brews, just as you will be with their facilities.  Remember to stop by and leave us a comment about your visit!  We love to hear from our readers and learn more about the great breweries and craft beer you’ve all found in your journeys.

Until next time, we’ll be right here in West Palm Beach, Florida, working hard to get ready for our opening of West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault coming up later this year.  We hope to see all of you there!


Apr 20, 2017