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Food is on the taproom menu

Our Journey

Taprooms across the United States are joining the food pairing community and doing so with good reason.  While it is great to have a food truck available, patrons have voiced their views that on-site prepared food inside the taprooms is what they really prefer.  In an age when BGH Free, Organic, Gluten Free and many other labels are taking over the shelves (and the sales), we simply have to step up our games if we want our taprooms to really shine.  That is why food is taking its rightful place on each taproom menu and being served alongside the outstanding craft brews that we adore so much.

Why is food so important to a taproom menu?

The taproom menu would feel incomplete without great foodOne of the key concerns of many old and new craft breweries is their community.  Sure, they love to sell craft beer, but they also want to be sure their patrons get home safely at the end of the night as well.  That is harder to do if you do not have food available, as patrons may find themselves having had one too many of the delicious brews.  This can happen much more easily and unexpectedly at a craft brewery taproom than it normally would at a club or bar.  Why?  Craft beer often has a higher ABV than the standard barroom brew.  In addition, at a club, the patrons are often ordering drinks with hard liquor in them and therefore expecting the effects.

At a craft brewery taproom, you are less likely to expect the effects of a brew’s ABV.  This is partly due to the many interesting brews out there.  With chocolate stouts, fruit-infused craft beer, and brews that are nearly too sweet to taste the alcohol, you are more likely to stand up and realize it’s already too late, too late.  This is why we caution folks about some of the brews we feature because we’ve already noted that their alcohol content is barely discernable in the taste of the brew and we do not want to see anyone caught up at a bad moment.

Is the ABV the only deciding factor in a taproom menu?

The ABV of the craft beer being offered is certainly not the only deciding factor in a taproom menu.  Many patrons enjoy pairing their craft beer with different types of food.  It is fun to play around and see what tastes great together and what doesn’t, as this gives us ideas for our own barbecues and family event dinners as well.  Not to mention we get to eat some great food, which seems to be the second love of those who love craft beer.

This is nearly parallel to the wine making industry, where pairing premium wines like Pankauski Wine Cellars’ Dad’s Blend with delicious meals, desserts, and cheeses is something they really enjoy.  People love craft beer, they love wine, and they definitely love food.  It simply makes sense to bring these things together to see how things turn out.

Check out our taproom menu later this year!

West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault will be opening its doors to the public later this year and we already have the construction in progress for the kitchen!  We’ve purchased a proper brick oven and will be serving up some very tasty faire for you to try alongside the outstanding craft beers and premium wines we will be offering.  We hope to see all of you there and until then, happy pairing!




Jun 16, 2017