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Food trucks ahoy!

Our Journey

When we visit a new craft brewery, we love to see a food truck parked up outside of the taproom.  Why?  Because we love pairing food with our brews!  Food trucks are a great way to bring in more business and give patrons a chance to try something new.  While we’re ordering a flight, we can pop out to the food truck and grab a couple of orders to see how they pair up with the different craft beers the craft brewery has on tap.  We think this is great!  It helps to bring everyone together and get them discussing two great things, food and beer!

Why do so many breweries host food trucks?

Breweries, especially new craft breweries, love hosting food trucks because they bring in more business and offer a new opportunity to patrons.  By opening up the chance for their customers to pair up food with their brews, they also open up the lines of communication.  These lines are opened not only between different patrons but also between the patrons and the brewstaff, who are afforded further opportunities to make suggestions about brews.

One of the best things about visiting a brewery and taproom is the opportunity to talk to the brewmaster and other staff about the craft beer they make.  This can seem intimidating to some patrons.  After all, these folks seem to hold the key to our nirvana.  However, most brewmasters LOVE to talk about their craft!  This is why so many breweries offer tours and tastings to visitors, as well as hosting food trucks whenever they can.

We always suggest taking tours whenever you can because that small fee that may be charged is worth the chance to taste some of those delicious brews.  Most breweries offer complimentary tastings of a few of their brews for the tour guests, which means one less you need to order in your flight.  Though, if there is a great food truck present, you just might want to grab a few of those brews too.

Are there any breweries in South Florida that host food trucks?

You’re darn right there are!  We love food and we love great craft beer, so it is only natural that there would be several of us hosting food trucks on a regular basis!  For example, Cigar City Brewing hosts food trucks pretty much every day of the week, sometimes two!

Another great brewery in the area is Due South Brewing in Boynton Beach.  They host events several days a week and always have opportunities for you to pair up some great food with your craft beer.  Check out their calendar and see what they have in store for the month of February, then head on over and try out some of the great craft beer they offer!

Also, if you’re in the area this April, we’ll be opening our doors to the public at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault.  We’re located in the warehouse district of West Palm Beach, where things are undergoing some serious changes!  Our warehouse district has gained a new life and is going to feature some outstanding beer, produce markets, and more in the coming months.  We hope to see you then!


Jan 26, 2017