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We found a Go-To IPA from Stone Brewing!

Our Journey

Stone Brewing has a great reputation already, which means they’ve gained a lot of popularity and their brews are certainly worth a mention!  We had the chance to check out some of their outstanding craft beer recently and thought we’d drop a post and tell all of you about it.  After all, that’s part of what makes the craft brewing community great, the fact that we let each other know about brews we’ve tried, breweries that have opened, and upcoming events that we all might be interested in!

Stone Brewing is producing outstanding craft beer!Great IPAs from Stone are worth visiting them for!

Stone Brewing has some amazing brews.  This is evident due to their serious rise in popularity.  However, to truly appreciate that notoriety, you really need to pay them a visit.  Their brew master is brilliant and certainly worth talking to and the rest of the staff are personable and fun as well.  If you’re not sure what type of brew to try, ask one of the staff about them.  They’re sure to point you in the right direction and won’t have a problem helping you find that perfect brew.

Pictured at the left is Stone Go To IPA, which we found to be one really great craft beer.  They nailed it with this brew, as the aroma is wonderful and the taste is worth visiting them for.  Whether you choose to grab it by the bottle or on tap, this brew is going to make your trip worth every moment.

This session IPA was created with the intention of putting an abundance of bitterness into a delicious and aroma-filled IPA while keeping it highly drinkable.  It turned out great and the acidity is a bomb in your mouth.  If you’re a hops lover, you’re going to absolutely adore this IPA, as it has a huge addition of hops at the end of the process.  They actually labelled the measure as “an irrational amount of hops” in their own description of the brew.  Hops lovers unite, because you’re all going to want a taste of this amazing brew.

We look forward to seeing what Stone Brewing comes up with next.  They’ve brought about a great array of brews so far and the future looks to be hopping with delicious ideas from these folks.  Check back in later, as we’re sure to feature more of their brews.  If you happen to have run across some other outstanding craft beer from Stone Brewing, leave us a comment and let us know about it!  It just might become our next feature post.


Mar 21, 2017