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We found a hearty breakfast

Our Journey

Founders Brewing Company is celebrating twenty great years of brewing excellence and we’re celebrating with them by featuring some of their outstanding craft brews.  We’ve featured their brews in the past and today we’re taking another look at their outstanding Breakfast Stout, a hearty breakfast indeed with its flaked oats, chocolate infused delights, and generous helping of coffees.

Grab a hearty breakfast with FoundersFeed your inner beast with a hearty breakfast, but not before noon

While we’d love to say this is the go-to brew for your breakfast, you probably shouldn’t do it.  At least not until noon, because the 8.3% ABV could get you into a bit of trouble with the boss right away in the morning.  We really doubt they’re going to care how great and delicious this craft beer is, though they might applaud your excellent taste in brews.  Rules are rules folks, so keep this breakfast on hold until after work, even when the temperatures are dipping into the teens.  Yep, this brew is only available from October through January, so you’re going to be heartily tempted to make it the breakfast of champions during those cold, winter months.

It’s got to be 5 o’clock somewhere

Once that whistle blows, don’t hesitate to head home and enjoy some breakfast.  This brew is a coffee lover’s dream, an oatmeal delight in a bottle, and for those who absolutely love dark brews, it’s nirvana in a glass.  With such an abundance of well-chosen ingredients, Founders really pulled off the perfect late day meal in this brew and we raise our glass to them, though we’re not sharing.  RateBeer gives this one a solid 100 rating and we can certainly understand why.  If you check out the pictures we’ve provided, you can see how deliciously dark the brew is, as well as the perfect cinnamon head that helps to pop the aromas right up to the top.

Nothing says Good Morning like a coffee infused, dark ale style, specialty stout that has won awards!The fresh, roasty, nearly perfect coffee aroma caught us right off the start and from there the journey began into the flavor profile that evolved from a hint of bitter chocolate to another clear set of nutty coffee flavors.  The locally sourced ingredients from Ferris Coffee and Nut were definitely a perfect choice for the brew and we’re glad that Founders is so dedicated to sourcing only the best ingredients for their craft beer.  That dedication has resulted in more outstanding brews and medals than most can imagine from a fairly young brewing company.  After all, two decades, while a long time in our aging terms, is still pretty young in terms of the industry as a historical whole.

This brew won the 2014 Shanghai International Beer Festival Silver Medal as a Specialty Stout and Dark Ale Style, as well as winning the hearts of craft beer lovers all over.  Although we realize you have a long wait before this delicious brew is available again, we’re sure you’ll be adding it to your “must-try” list of the brews for later this year.  In the meantime, leave us a comment about some of the great Founders brews you’ve come across and what you thought of them.  Your comment could become part of our next feature post and we’d love to hear from you!


Apr 13, 2017