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Free Dive IPA: Great with food!

Our Journey

While we’ve been working out way towards our brewery opening this April in West Palm Beach, we’ve been tasting quite a few interesting brews and seeing how they pair with different meals.  While this might sound like slacking off, we swear it’s not!  We like to call it research and development because we love to research new brews and develop a list of beers that are great with food!

This is exactly the case with Free Dive IPA by Coppertail Brewing Company.  While the brew itself is absolutely delicious, it’s even better when paired with food!  More specifically, seafood!  Yes, we said it, we found a brew that seems to be great with seafood.  Even BeerAdvocate likes this brew, which is always a great sign.

Free Dive is great with foodWhat makes Free Dive great with food?

Free Dive is a very piney, earthy, yet citrusy IPA that has a great finish.  While this may sound like one mixed up bag of nuts, it seems to work out very well.  Something about the very earthy and citrus cross pairs very well with seafood like sea bass.  In fact, the recipe we’ve offered in the link is the reason we feel this beer is great with food!  We did hesitate for a moment when we thought about this pairing, but the result was pretty darn awesome.

Somehow the citrus hints in the beer cut through this dish in a way that really left us wanting more of it.  It also seemed to really bring out the flavor in the broccoli, which was an unexpected pleasure for us.  We didn’t get a chance to pair it with other things, so we certainly suggest trying a few other ideas!  Our suggestions would be lamb, veal, or even a super heavy Sheppard Pie, as we’re pretty sure the light and citrus-centric taste would contrast well with such rich and heavy foods.

This isn’t the only brew that Coppertail Brewing Company has created that go well with food.  They have produced a pretty good variety of interesting craft beers that we think are great with food.  For example, Night Swim is a great porter that would be a great choice for chocolate mousse desserts or even a chocolate swirl cheesecake.  Sure, we realize this might be chocolate overkill, but you can’t tell us there are no chocoholics out there drooling at the thought.  Mmhmm, we thought so.

If you’re not into the idea of death by chocolate, try Night Swim with your favorite steak dish or even a hearty pasta dish like three cheese ziti and chicken casserole.  Although the chocolate tones of the porter may seem a bit much, the smooth throat will go well with the creamy dish.

We hope you get a chance to try all of Coppertail Brewing Company’s offerings.  While you’re in Florida, check us out after our opening in West Palm Beach in April of this year.  We plan to have some great beer on tap and a wine bar that will have your mouth watering.



Jan 20, 2017