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Both old and new craft breweries are starting to get more involved in their communities these days. Not that these folks weren’t already bastions of community events and support, but they’ve really started to ramp up the way they support the communities that they love. Many breweries are starting to install solar panels, creating green rooftops, finding numerous ways to recycle their water, and now the turn towards locally sourced ingredients is becoming a strong trend as well! This is great for the local communities, as they are able to save in a variety of ways due to this trend.

English craft beer is where the Russian Imperial Stout originatedHow can we save money if our local brewery buys local ingredients?

When a craft brewery starts sourcing all of their ingredients locally, they are providing a huge service that often results in end-line discounts for consumers. Local farms do not have to pay large fees for hauling their grains to distant silos and they often get a better price from the craft breweries for creating exclusive contracts with them. In addition, the brewery saves thousands on shipping grains to the brewery when they source locally. This savings is passed on to the consumers, who are often those same local community members! Talk about a double bonus, right?

This also helps to push many of the farms in their local communities to consider Organic farming practices, as that trend is getting stronger as well. When that happens, it adds a close-to-home source of Organic goods for the community, as well as for the craft brewery, allowing everyone to enjoy a cleaner, greener, healthier lifestyle that they may not have been able to afford otherwise.

What other things do craft breweries support locally?

Besides supporting local farms and helping to create a cleaner produce market for the area, craft breweries also like to support events that help the community. You can easily find fundraising events at your local craft brewery (if they host them) to help support the local arts programs, schools, physical education, and other local charities such as food assistance programs, etc.

Both old and new craft breweries are realizing that the closer they are to their community, the more they can help. By hosting community-based events and supporting local arts programs and schools, they help to provide another resource for funds that may otherwise have been lost. Many schools are losing their arts programs due to funding cuts by the government, which makes them choose which programs they can continue to support. With the outside aid from craft breweries in the area, they gain the ability to keep those programs and continue to provide a well-balanced education to the children in those communities.

Craft breweries are a great community resource!

Do you know of any craft breweries in your area? Do they host events for the community? If so, leave us a comment and let us know about them! We’d love to hear from you and your story might spark our next feature post!


Jun 2, 2017