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Fruit and Field Ales you need to try

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Fruit and field ales are certainly showing promise in the craft brewing industry and we can understand why.  It seems that these delicious brews have caught the hearts of craft beer aficionados all over the United States and abroad.  With so many outstanding options to choose from, sometimes it is hard to decide where to start with these great craft beers, but we’re here to help you out.  We’ve put together a list of the fruit and field ales that we think you’ll really like.

What are fruit and field ales anyway?

Before we get to the lists of ales, we should probably give you a quick breakdown on exactly what these brews are.  After all, not everyone knows about these craft beers and you just might want to try something new.  So, exactly what are fruit and field ales?

Fruit ales are craft beers that are infused with delicious fruit flavors.  This is often done by adding fresh fruit to the mix during the brewing process, which many say is the best way to create these brews.  We have to agree, as there really is a difference in taste between those brews created through the addition of fresh fruit and the ones that are created with flavoring.  No matter which method you prefer, these brews are pretty darn delicious and the brewmasters that create them put a lot of effort into their craft.

Field ales are those that take veggies such as cucumber and add them to the mix.  Again, this can be done through flavoring, but most often the brewery will add fresh ingredients, sometimes locally sourced, to their brewing process in order to gain the best result possible.  In addition, by sourcing local ingredients they are helping to support their local community, which is always a bonus.

Great, what fruit and field ales do you suggest we try?

We’ve put together a list of each of these delicious types of ales for you to check out.  We have the pleasure of trying quite a few different brews and we’ve found some that are just outstanding.  Check out the lists below and see what you think of them!

Fruit ales

When it comes to fruit-infused ales, we’ve tried quite a few!  These refreshing brews often serve to remind us how great Spring and Summer can be, as well as giving us a new love for craft beer!  Below are a few that we’ve found.

  • Founders Brewing Company: Rubaeus
    • Rubaeus is quite an outstanding craft beer.  This raspberry brewed delight features an ABV of 5.7% and was rated a 97 by BeerAdvocate, which is quite an accomplishment.  We entirely agree with that rating, as the brew is delicious.  It possesses a tart, yet sweet taste and the crisp finish is sure to please your palatte.
  • Funky Buddha: Pineapple Beach
    • Funky Buddha is a leader in the craft brewing industry and we can see why.  This blonde ale has a great flavor, the aroma reminds us of sunny beaches and summer, and the finish was perfect.  They offer this brew in bottles and growlers to go, though we’d suggest the growler!  Why?  The answer is simple.  You won’t want just a couple of bottles.  A growler is perfect for this brew, as you’ll want to share!
  • Shock Top Beer: Lemon Shandy
    • Shock Top has been popping off with some awesome brews.  Whether you’re into chocolate or fruit, they always have something for everyone.  That is clear with their Lemon Shandy brew, which features a crisp flavor, preceded by an aroma that leaves you dreaming of Summer.  With a mere 4.2% ABV, you’ll be able to sip this brew all day long without having to worry.  The perfect brew for sharing, you will want to stock up and have a backyard party.
  • Great Basin Brewing: Bitchin’ Berry Ale
    • Great Basin Brewing is well known throughout the Western United States for having some of the best craft beer on the market.  They offer a huge array of brews, including their seasonal release, Bitchin’ Berry Ale.  Real berries are used in their brewing process, creating a crisp, delicious brew that has one outstanding flavor profile.  This brew is worth checking out, as you’ll want to grab more than one four-pack after you’ve tried it.

Field Ales

Field ales do not seem to get as much notice as their fruit flavored cousins, which is quite sad overall.  These brews are pretty great and offer a great twist on the classic ales we know and love.  Whether you want to try something that has been brewed with cucumber, or something a bit more adventurous with some chile in it, you’ll find plenty of these amazing craft brews on the market if you take a moment to look.  Below, we have listed a few of the brews we’ve come across that we really enjoyed.

  • Funky Buddha: Sweet Potato Casserole
    • This brew is certainly one for the creativity charts.  With a generous helping of sweet potatoes blended in, this brew fits the field ale category perfectly.  We loved the aroma on this brew and the flavor profile was quite interesting.  Something about a marshmallowey, spiced brew just really hits us in the taste buds and this brew fit the bill perfectly.  This is a seasonal brew, but well worth the wait!
  • Cigar City Brewing: Cucumber Saison
    • Cigar City has a great handle on field ales and we’re happy to let you know about what they have to offer.  Their Cucumber Saison is a shining example of their craft.  This is a special release brew that you really need to check out when you get a chance.  The hints of honey really balance out the slight lemon bitter of the brew and the cucumber addition blends in perfectly to create a brew that is refreshing enough for summer, yet heady enough for any season at all!  Give it a try and see what you think.
  • Cigar City Brewing: Good Gourd
    • This Imperial Pumpkin Ale is perfect for those long nights.  With an ABV of 9.6%, you’ll want to sip this brew over time and really get a feel for the flavor profile.  The color of the brew certainly suits its origins, as it pours a gorgeous orange color and has an outstanding finish that kicks up the heat of this refreshing brew.  As for the flavor itself, you get the hint of buttered pie crust, roasted pumpkin, and just a sampling of floral hops that really blends everything together perfectly.  As a special release, this is a brew that you’ll want for your collection.

We really hope you enjoy the brews we’ve listed and we’d love to hear about other fruit and field ales you’ve tried!  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think and what you’ve found!  You never know, the craft beer or brewery you mention just might become our next feature!





Mar 4, 2017