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Fruit flavored beers that taste great!

Our Journey

Here in West Palm Beach, Florida, we’re seeing an increase in the fruit flavored beers that are on the market.  While this might sound a bit odd to some people, it makes perfect sense to us in South Florida, because we noticed when Angry Orchard and Redd’s Apple Ale started to pick up speed in the sales ring after their debut.  It was only natural that others would take up the torch and run with it, creating a wide range of fruity brews for everyone to enjoy.

Strawberries help to make great fruit flavored beersFruit flavored beers are filling the market fast

With many large manufacturers gaining success with their fruit flavored beers like those we’ve mentioned, new craft breweries knew it was time to up their game.  Although several craft breweries have been creating these delicious brews for decades, their popularity was localized, making it harder to see the potential for profit.  With the nationwide sales and popularity of this style of beer becoming apparent, breweries were able to see the real draw for them.  Demand began to soar and craft breweries have stepped in to fill the need with a sense of dedication that is admirable.

The turnout of new fruit flavored beers has been pretty impressive and the quality is equally fantastic in our view.  We’ve tried several of these interesting brews and we’ve yet to be disappointed in the results.  We can only imagine what the brewmasters behind the curtains are going to come up with next in the journey to find the perfect fruit flavored brew.

There are a variety of fruit flavored beers you really should tryA few fruit flavored beers you really should check out

We have tasted quite a few different craft beers while we’ve been working towards our opening in April.  We’ve come across a range of porters, stouts, pilsners, and IPAs that really have us chomping at the bit where our own brewery is concerned.  With brews out there like those delicious seasonal brews from Joseph James Brewing Company.  Their seasonal beers are prime examples of fruit flavored beers that really do have some amazing flavor and are well worth grabbing a pack.  Their Blood Orange and Cranberry Berliner Weisse is quite amazing.  It is packed with both a citrus punch and is one sour beer we really enjoyed.  The no boil method they used turned out great with this sour beer and we’re ready to try more of their brews really soon.

Cascade Brewing is another company that has really been knocking it out of the park with their fruit-infused brews.  Cascade Blackberry is a 2014 vintage aged in wine barrels and the result is intense.  These guys are finding the absolute best fruit to age their brews with in wine barrels and the layered taste is pretty awesome.  As the brew rests, much like wine, it seems to gain new hints of flavor and we love it.  Blackberries are a seasonal favorite for many and we’re glad these guys came up with such a great brew.

Fruit flavored beers offer a wider range of opportunities to brewers

With the obvious public approval backing these brews, brewmasters have a lot of opportunities opening up that were previously considered local one-off ideas.  Pumpkin ales, blackberry ales, raspberry cocoa stouts, if you can think of it, they can probably pull it off in an outstanding way.  The craft brewing industry is based on creativity, excellence, innovation, and dedication.  This not-so-new road opens up a large number of avenues where every brewmaster has a chance to shine brighter with every barrel.

We hope to see dozens more of these great fruit flavored beers come out on local and nationwide markets over the next few years.  After all, what would be better than to have even more variety?  As we move towards our opening in April here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we will be trying several new craft beers to see what these great folks come up with next.


Jan 31, 2017