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Fruity craft beers that rock

Our Journey

So you’ve never tasted one of the new fruity craft beers before?  Well, this is a great time to try a few of the ones on the market.  Why?  Well, even we had trouble thinking of beer and fruit in the same glass, but it turns out that some of these craft beers are pretty darn awesome!  We’ve tasted quite a few recently and, while not everyone will love them, we’re certainly becoming fans of this new trend.

Strawberries are a great addition to fruity craft beersWhy are fruity craft beers becoming so popular?

While it may seem hard to believe, this trend isn’t really new.  It may be new to our century, but in the historical view, it is actually pretty darn old.  For example, mead was made with honey.  Barleywine was also common centuries ago.  Therefore, while we all want to believe this is some new and interesting idea, we’re really just coming up with something that history forgot to mention to us directly.

All that aside, this recent trend towards brews with fruit flavors is quite interesting.  We had thought it might end with the changing of the seasons, as it made sense for fruity craft beer to be popular during the summer and maybe even part of the fall.  However, it seems this style has stuck and we kind of like it!  After all, a bit of variety is always a good thing.

There are some outstanding fruity craft beers with blackberry on the marketWhat are some interesting fruity craft beers?

There are plenty of fruit flavored craft beers on the market and more coming out each month.  Some, well, most, are seasonal blends that may go out of cycle soon, while others have become year-round offerings in their respective taprooms.  For example, Ballast Point offers up the delicious Grapefruit Sculpin, a very citrusy IPA they created that has been getting some pretty great reviews.  We haven’t had the chance to personally try this brew, but from the reviews, it sounds pretty darn good to us.  We are currently looking into trying it just from what others have had to say!

Another great fruity craft beer that we have actually had a chance to taste is Samuel Smith’s Organic Strawberry Fruit Beer and it was outstanding.  Of course, we expect anything from Sam Smith’s to be great, but this was a bit of a surprise for us.  Fruit beer isn’t something we expected to taste so delicious, but they have mastered the art and we expect to try a lot more of their fruit beers in the future.  We’ve featured them before and you can read more about them by following the link in their name.  They have a truly old-world style and dedication that astounds us and we’re proud to have them as a part of the brewing industry.

Fruity craft beers are here to stay and we’re not really sad about it

While we do cherish the many traditional ales, lagers, stouts, and pilsners on the market, something about this fruit flavored beers just seems to draw us in.  While they may not be to everyone’s tastes, they have made an impact on the industry and more variety is always a good thing.  We look forward to seeing what else the 4,000+ breweries in the United States alone have to provide over the coming years.




Jan 24, 2017