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Fruity craft brews for spring dreams

Our Journey

We’ve been talking a lot about the various different types of craft beer on the market and we’ve mentioned fruity craft brews before, but we figured it was a good time to bring them back out.  With the groundhogs on the different ends of the United States arguing about whether winter will, or will not, end soon, it’s time we had something to make us feel like Spring is just around the corner.  After all, the bipolar weather of winter cannot last forever, or so we hope is the case.

Fruity craft brews taste great and bring a smile to our facesWhy are fruity craft brews so darn Springy?

Honestly, we’re not sure why these lovely brews make us think of Spring so much.  Typically we’d imagine them bringing about thoughts of the beach, girls in bikinis, and hot summer nights, but for some reason they make us think of Spring during these ugly winter months.

Perhaps it’s the fact that we equate fruit with great weather.  Or maybe the bright colors that come to mind just make us feel better.  Perhaps it’s the fact that the last time we sat down to enjoy one of these refreshing craft beers, it was just starting into summer.  No matter the reason, they are certainly a welcome addition while we wait for winter to end.

Fruity craft brews are a great way to think SpringAre there any great fruity craft brews out there right now?

There are definitely plenty of amazing fruity craft brews out there.  We’ve tried quite a few and we’re always watching for more new labels on the market.  One of the great things about the craft brewing industry is the creative minds that fill it.  With so many options out there, it is hard to sit in one place and traveling around to try out all of the new brews is fun.  Roadtrip anyone?

We’ve been traveling all over the United States lately.  Trying new craft beer, checking out some awesome craft breweries, and of course, sourcing brews and premium wines for our opening in April in West Palm Beach, Florida.  South Florida has never been better and we’re working hard on the preparations so we can open our doors to the public later this spring.

For now, let us give you a quick list of some of the great fruity craft brews you really ought to check out.  They should definitely have you dreaming of Spring and all of the fun that will be coming throughout the year.

Founders Brewing Company – Rubaeus

This brew is a must-try beer that we love.  The folks at Founders really pulled it off with this Raspberry Ale and we can’t wait to get some more.  This refreshing craft beer is a gorgeous red color, obviously, which just seems to add to that “spring” feeling.  It pairs really well with cheesecake, too, which certainly makes us smile.

New Belgium Brewing – Heavy Melon

We have to give credit to VinePair for this one because that’s how we found out about it and decided to try it.  They were absolutely right about this beer, as the flavor is really great.  Something about that lime just really makes the brew and the natural watermelon tastes far better than the syrupy concoctions you can find elsewhere.  Huge props to VinePair for leading us to this brew.

Mad Anthony Brewing – Ruby Raspberry Wheat Ale

These folks created something akin to Raspberry perfection.  From the color to the amazingly layered flavor and aroma, this ale is one that will certainly leave you dreaming of wheat fields, spring rains, and farmer’s daughters.  Not necessarily in that order.  Well worth checking out this lovely fruity craft brew more than once.

Vertigo Brewing – Tropical Heat Wave

We have to advise you to have a chaser handy when you try this brew.  Not only is it packed with a key lime kick, but also a habanero heat that you may not be ready for.  Order their Raspberry Wheat brew as a backup option, just in case you the heat of this brew doesn’t suit you.  We loved the combination and the lime and habanero blend very well together.  With an ABV of just 5.1%, this is a brew that you can enjoy tasting a little at a time.

We hope some of these brews help to kill those winter doldrums for you and bring about those Spring dreams that the groundhogs keep disagreeing about.  As for us, we’ll be here in West Palm Beach installing all of our fermentation and brite tanks while we get ready to open in April!


Feb 14, 2017