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The future of The Vault at West Palm Beach Brewery is looking great

Our Journey

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we’re working really hard to get everything ready for our projected opening in the near future.  We’ve received our tanks, started setting everything up, and applied for all of the necessary permits to get things in order.  Although we’re a touch disappointed that our projected April opening has been set back a bit, we’re still really excited about this entire process and looking forward to the day we can welcome the public into our “home”.

With that said, we have our eyes on the future and we have to say, it’s looking pretty darn bright!  Brighter than our tanks, which are pretty shiny if you ask us.  As we’ve reported, we recently signed an exclusive agreement with Pankauski Wine Cellars and will be featuring their wines on our list, as well as some other wines which may rotate over time.  There are a variety of wines that you’ll be able to actually hold in your hands before tasting, and our specialized bookcase style racks will allow you to see the bottles and labels up close.

We’ve published statements from John Pankauski regarding the wines that The Vault will be offering, as well as their intended purpose for The Vault at West Palm Beach Brewery.  These statements show the dedication that Pankauski Wine Cellars hold to their selections, as well as John’s dedication to The Vault and their mission to offer wines that local West Palm Beach, Florida residents may never have had the chance to taste otherwise.  We’re proud of this dedication, as it is a solid start to an amazing future!

This post isn’t an update, but simply a reminder that we’re still here working hard to get everything ready for opening and that we’re all dedicated to bringing you premium wines, amazing craft beer, and news of other outstanding brews and wines around the United States, as well as the rest of the world.  We love to here from our readers and would be happy to feature any of the great craft beers, craft breweries, premium wines, and amazing vineyards you may have come across in your travels.

If you drop us a comment with any suggestions you may have, there is a good chance that the Brewery or Vineyard you mention may become a feature in the upcoming week’s posts, with credit given to you for the mention!  This goes for any breweries out there that may want to drop us a note about new releases they have coming up, or vineyards who are looking forward to a great vintage coming out on the market soon.  Be sure to keep checking back, as we’ll be posting updates, upcoming events, and more throughout the coming weeks.


Mar 5, 2017