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Gearing up for October with hard work

Our Journey

We’ve spent months now working hard to get ready for the opening of West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault later this year in October.  Many of you may remember that we wanted to open earlier this year, however, we were waylaid by delays with our permits for construction which had everyone, including us, frustrated.  The great news is that those permits came through and we’ve come up with even greater ideas while we’ve been working!

For example, how about a wood burning brick oven?  Tuscan food?  Perhaps a wine vault that houses not just a few bottles, but thousands?  Of course, there is also the fact that we plan to feature some really outstanding craft beer.  No matter what the reason for you visiting, we want to be sure that everyone is here for the opening in October, as it has been a long, hard road and we want to celebrate with all of our readers.

Did you say brick oven?

Indeed, we did say brick oven.  We have already purchased the piece and the contractors have spent hard, long hours arranging for the installation of that lovely beast.  We’ve even hired a chef to provide absolutely delicious food to our patrons once we open.  How great is that?  We think it’s excellent and we hope to make everyone feel right at home.

Don’t worry about a closed-in style either.  The entire facade is being outfitted with hurricane glass, allowing plenty of light to come in and you to look out.  If you prefer, there will also be seating outside, so you can enjoy your meal and your brew outdoors.  We want you to be happy because no one wants to go somewhere and feel shut-in or depressed.  We believe an open facade allows everyone to breathe a little easier and enjoy their time here.

So you’ll have wine, craft beer, AND food?

Indeed we will.  We’ve arranged for temperature and humidity controlled storage for over 12,000 bottles of wine, giving you plenty to choose from.  You’ll have to come by every day for several years to try all of wines that we can offer, which means you’re going to be like family long before you’ve tried them all.  We also plan to brew our own in-house craft beer, much like Accomplice Brewery and Ciderworks, who are some outstanding folks.

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we believe that having more craft breweries in West Palm Beach can only be a good thing.  The more, the merrier!  That’s one of the great things we love about the craft brewing industry, the comradery.  We’re ready to join with our fellow brewers and create something amazing for West Palm Beach and South Florida.  We hope to see you after our opening and look forward to that day.  In the meantime, happy tasting!


Jul 8, 2017