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Our Journey

We all know that Funky Buddha is one of the biggest names in craft beer right now.  With bottles commanding prices of up to and beyond $25 a pop, their popularity is pretty darn obvious.  However, we really can’t help but agree with those prices.  The craft beer these folks brew is amazing and well-worth the prices we’re all willing to pay to get a taste of their delicious brews.

This has never been more obvious than it has been in recent months, with their many great brews seeing a resurgence for the new year.  All of those year-round favorites are hitting the scene and disappearing just as quickly as we rush to snap up everything we can.  After all, it’s kind of nice knowing you’ve got a few extra stashed away for a rainy day, and apparently everyone else thinks so, too.

A visit to a brewery taproom is a great experienceHowever, it’s not the bottled brews we’re looking at today, but the draft-only delights that the Buddha offers.  These brews are the reason we travel from all over to try their great beer, because sometimes you simply must visit to taste some of the best brews in the industry, such as their Crusher Session IPA, which is perfect for a visit, plus you can grab a Growler to go, which makes it even better!

That’s not the only On-Tap delight in the place, though we really do love it.  They love session brews as much as we do, but there are a huge variety of delights available only On-Tap at the Buddha.  Check out the list below for some year-round and draft-only brews that you can only try if you take a trip to visit these great people.

Fuhgeddaboudit Red Ale – This brew is only available on tap and you’re going to want more, but sadly, it’s a draft-only brew (unless they change that before you get there).

OP Porter – We were glad to discover that this delicious Milk Porter was available as a Growler to go, because out resident Portaholic would have had kittens if we hadn’t brought some back.  At just 6.3% ABV, it’s not overbearing and can still be a sip-it-all-night brew, which is great.

Atlantic Giant Belgo-Pumpkin Ale – What a mouthful eh?  The mouthFEEL on this one is just as big!  Great flavor profile, great aroma, and it’s currently on tap at the Buddha.  We strongly suggest taking a trip to see them before this one is gone.

Whether you’re new to the craft beer scene, or a grizzled vet (a.k.a. Beer Snob to the rest of the world), you’re going to really enjoy what Funky Buddha has to offer in terms of amazing brews.  They’re only due to get better, too, which has us quite happy.  We’re looking forward to seeing, and tasting, what the rest of the year has to offer from these outstanding brew masters.

Also, if you’re up to a road trip later this year, remember to come visit us in West Palm Beach around October.  We’re hard at work getting West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault ready to open it’s doors to the public and we can’t wait to see everyone!


Apr 14, 2017