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Get out and participate in a Wine Walk!

Our Journey


If you have never participated in a Wine Walk before, now is a great time to start!  Although these events are generally scheduled during the warmer months, you can still get out there and research on when the events will happen in your area in the future!

What the heck is a Wine Walk?

A wine walk is exactly what it sounds like.  A bunch of folks walking around town, enjoying each others company, and tasting some amazing glasses of wine.  Sound too good to be true?  Keep reading!

How much does it cost?

On average, the fee to participate in a Wine Walk is about $50.00 total.  This amount will vary by event and location but is about the average for areas like Florida and these events are outstanding.  Hot spots to check out include the local pubs and craft breweries along the way, as they often participate and have cool events themselves!

So we get to walk around… Drinking?

Yes, you get to walk around drinking.  For one event, you have the ability to walk around in public carrying a glass of wine.  For cities where public intox is a big deal, this event is an even bigger deal!  Not only does it bring revenue into the city, it gives the locals a chance to feel that little bit of freedom that raises their spirits for months after.

We Don’t Have Wine Walks, How Do I Start One?

Starting a Wine Walk event is not really hard.  Simply talk to your local pubs, stores, premium wine retailers, and any other association you think might be interested.  Point out the fact that it could bring in revenue for the community, as well as a bit of tourist presence.  If they love the idea, they will run with it (or walk, as the case may be)!


Dec 20, 2016